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how bad is smoking weed for you lungs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chronic.king, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. out of like a bong, the actual weed not swisher or anything.
  2. You little rascal, havn't been banned yet i see

    "im 14 and groundid as shit (my little sister told on me)" something along those lines, right?
  3. What? ^

    And its worse than cigarettes if you smoke the same amount of smoke s you do with cigs. But proportionally its probably better for your lungs since you dont inhale as much smoke.
  4. im 21 actually
  5. Unless you plan on smoking a SHITload for many years nonstop I wouldnt worry about it too much
  6. your sort of people need to shut up and stop replying with useless comments no one cares about
  7. #7 SDVP, Feb 7, 2009
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    this kid is of no benefit to the community, not to mention he breaks the rules..
  8. lots of people dont have benefits for the community, everyone breaks rules
  9. Cannabis smoke only mildly irritates the large part of the lung, which recovers easily. The thing that makes tobacco smoke so bad is that it permanently damages the smaller airways of the lungs. According to Jack Herer, cannabis smoke is actually a lung expectorant. You don't have to worry about any damage whatsoever, even if you smoked every day for 50 years.

  10. Well even though I would love nothing more than to think that it does no damage at all. I can assure that smoking ANYTHING is bad for you. That being said it is true that bud does less damage than tobacco, but it is not completely harmless. If you are concerned about finding a healthier way to get your THC may I suggest a vaporizer or eating it in some tasty treats.:smoke:
  11. i find it really hard to believe its not bad for your lungs. like the poster above said, any type of smoke is going to be bad for you.. common sense.. unless weed is so magical it doesnt harm you ( i would like to believe)
  12. weed is harmless
  13. Yeah man if your vaping you could vape 12 times a day, smoke an Oz a day for 50 years and you'd be fine, probably outlive the non-smokers lol:smoke:

    Vaping weed causes no harm to your health, and is, pretty obviously, a pain reliever and stress reliever, which is nothing but good for you.

    But your right, smoking anything is gonna be bad for you.
  14. well there are WAY less chemicals in weed then cigs

    I smoked weed fairly often during highschool and i made it to state for cross country :hello:

    dunno if that means anything, you should be good:D
  15. I feel comfortable using glass and smoking a doobie from time to time. I agree that a vap is the best way to go, but I also enjoy what I have. I'm pretty sure any damage my lungs take won't kill me or cause any great suffering. But then again I'm not huffing a homemade foil bowl on a daily basis either; there's definitely a balance.

    NORML.ORG: Cannabis and the Brain: A User's Guide
    "Preclinical data recently published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation demonstrating that cannabinoids may spur brain cell growth has reignited the international debate regarding the impact of marijuana on the brain. However, unlike previous pseudo-scientific campaigns that attempted to link pot smoking with a litany of cognitive abnormalities, modern research suggests what many cannabis enthusiasts have speculated all along: ganja is good for you."
  16. I can answer your question in 2 words, Micheal Phelps
  17. HELL YES!!!
    that is the shit!!
    I saw that and practically fell over laughing

    but yeah just keep tolkin it aint gonna do anything bad
    at least anything that you cant recover from
  18. i saw that "should i smoke dope" documentary on bbc recently and it showed x rays of a 22 year old whod been smoking since he was 16 or something and his lung collapsed. Im really hesitant because england thinks that weed causes sexual impotence mixed with schizophrenia and psychosis, so who knows. Its just weird cuz people say smoking anything is not good.
  19. Bottom line, dont worry about shit
  20. Does anyone have a good link with a lot of information, and that cites sources? It seems everyone has their own opinion on how bad it is, ranging from "perfectly harmless" to "you're gonna die," usually with no sources cited.

    I want to be responsible about smoking, and I also need to be educated if I'm going to have to explain myself to all the biased, indoctrinated haters out there.

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