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How bad is it to smoke when you have asthma?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by the_tobzster, Jan 15, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, so I've been thinking about this for a while how smoking effects my asthma in the long run. I mean smoking can't be good for it then right? I haven't really had any issues so far and I have been smoking for like a year and a half.
    Only recently I started having slight breathing problems, but I'm not sure if it's how much the weather has changed since I was last in England. It's super shit at the moment :L
    I hope this made sense, I am quite mellow at the moment hahha

  2. i have horrible asthema i used to go in for treatment that mast they out on you, every week, and i still smoked, i stopped that 2 years ago, and i sitll try to smoke weed everyday its not bad but somtimes when you go to sleep, like maybe 10 minutes into laying down u might get a small but noticablle wheeze but its rare that i had a athema attack go for it bro but keep ur pump handy just incase but i gaurentee u wont need it on a 95%assurance but i also smoke cigs and i only have asthema before i go to bed like i explained in the beggening, bave fun bro not to worry
  3. Edibles man. Don't hurt your lungs that are already hurting... Plant smoke shouldn't be in your lungs, only natural gases... I suggest eating them as your way of administration ..Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
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  4. I quit cigs and my asthma went away, rarely use my inhaler anymore and I smoke weed constantly. I was going to invest in a volcano but my lungs are feeling so much better now. I guess it depends on how bad you have it, some people are worse off than others.
  5. Weed is a brochodilator ans improves your asthma
  6. Could try vaping. 
    Polluting lungs with tar will not improve asthma, not matter any "bronchodialator" effect. This is the propaganda that I hate to see spread.
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    You dont have to smoke it for the bronchodilating effect.

    But also, ive now seen claims that the tar cannabis builds doesnt stick and is expelled from the lungs. I definitely wouldnt claim its fact though myself.

    Even if it wasnt the case the effect would be greater than tar restriction until it was a pretty long term thing
  9. [quote name="Snoop Toad" post="19345792" timestamp="1389808294"]Weed is a brochodilator ans improves your asthma[/quote]Placebo
  10. Get a vaporizer.
    Stop inhaling it is not good for your asthma obviously, it's smoke.
    I was under the impression you were implying smoking in your initial post, vaporizing would probably be ok, however, I highly doubt the bolded claim. 
  12. weed stopped my asthma 
  13. It's good for you
  14. Smoke if you think you can handle it! I used to have asthma and it was scary as fuck when I had random attacks at night. Otherwise, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the natural green. Personally, I wouldn't inhale any type of smoke if I had asthma again.
  15. it's really not that bad. i was diagnosed with it when I was 7 and to be honest, after a massive bong rip or something like that my chest kinda hurts but a shot or 2 from my inhaler and i'm good to roll.
  16. [quote name="scout695" post="19346052" timestamp="1389810727"]it's really not that bad. i was diagnosed with it when I was 7 and to be honest, after a massive bong rip or something like that my chest kinda hurts but a shot or 2 from my inhaler and i'm good to roll.[/quote]Bro your inhaler is to rescue you from an asthma attack. If you have to use it after you hit your bong, you need to change something. That inhaler isn't meant to be used all the time.
  17. Helps me breath a lot better, can inhale twice as much after vaping, smoking was the same I just don't like smoking, get a vape their the best, gets u way higher n saves ganj+ it's better on your lungs Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  18. My lungs r mega fucked, was 1 pound at birth n lungs-everything major underdeveloped n everytime I breath in or out my lungs always wheeze, only stops after vaping and it is a bronchial dilator and it does open up our airways/ also it's anti inflammatory so itl help prevent asthma attacks that way cuz our airways/tubes won't get inflamed n start a attack, get some medical grade n itl be even better- get some strains with more anti inflammatory properties then normal like strains for muscle problems or maybe they've made strains that are for asthma, I know a lot help Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  19. the only problems i have with asthma and smoking is when its compounded with another sickness, i had a flu this winter and was unable to breathe and keep air in my lungs so i couldnt smoke hardly at all

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