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How Bad For You Are Plastic Bottle Bongs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ReggieKuush, May 24, 2013.

  1. Hi Grasscity
    I am new to Grasscity and have a very relevant question about my (and my buddies) smoking methods. I am 18 years old and have been smoking weed everyday for almost 2 years now. At my high school bongs are most popular as they conserve weed, dont make you smell in front of your teachers or parents lol, and here in central ontario lots of kids fiend poppers or batch bowls all day. Almost everyday until recently ive been using plastic bottles (gatorade, water, pepsi) to smoke poppers or bowls with my buddies, sometimes up to 20 bottle bong rips a day. I recently quit poppers (addictive as hell!) and have now been wondering about how bad using plasic bottle bongs in itself is for you. For those of you who dont know, to make a bottle bong you burn a perfect sized hole in the side of the bottle and quickly squeeze your piece/tube in to make it airtight. After punching a plastic tasting bowl out of a 2 week old nestea bottle, i began to wonder how bad this is for my health/lungs. Thank you for all responses

  2. 20 rips a day out of a bong made from a plastic bottle could never be good. Get a pipe or papers man, the lack of smell or convenience isn't worth fucking your lungs up for.
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  3. I'd have to say that those chemicals would not be good for you and can possibly have a bad effect on your body.
    Just roll up a joint  :smoking:
  4. if you have a metal piece that's the 'bowl' part of the piece, then it's TECHNICALLY okay, but around here doing that shit just makes you look skechy. I'd say just buy a piece from a headshop or online. IF you are using a plastic part to burn the weed (a plastic bowl) then that's very unhealthy.
  5. Yeah, the piece in the bottle is always metal or glass. i used a plastic pen bowl once, which i smoked as well when i smoked the bowl inside it lol
  6. Wow! Cool.
    Back in high school, kids would actually smoke the plant matter right off the plastic burning it all in one claiming it gave them a more "euphoric high"
  7. Just buy a small glass bowl there only like 5 dollars and u will thank me
  8. as long as the plastic is not getting heated up , it's probably no more as dangerous than drinking water out of a plastic bottle.
    As the story above mentions that the candy dispenser was partially melted , so it's likely he was being an idiot and lighting the plastic as well.
  9. But the potential is still there, and smoke can be pretty hot, from constant use like this kid is using, I would worry. Constantly hitting it with heat will begin to degrade the plastics.
    Once or twice, naw perfectly fine.
    Also, the smoke will help to release various plastic contaminants since it is not pure hydrocarbons.
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  10. I don't do that but when I have a roach left I take a lactic water bottle and burn two holes in it, one is the carb and the other is where I place the roach. Light the roach, hold the carb and pull. The bottle fills with smoke and you then release the carb and inhale that milky goodness.
  11. "Due to chemical burns on his lungs from smoking fake marijuana. It was due to the fact that he smoked the 'Spice' out of a plastic PEZ candy dispenser, which partially melted and coated his lungs with toxic chemicals."
    :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:
  12. i know people hooked on spice....thats some scary shit
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    "How Bad For You Are Plastic Bottle Bongs?"
     Well let's put it this way, you're not even supposed to re-use plastic bottles for cold drinking water, because the plastics used for common beverage bottles release so many carcinogenic and hormone-disrupting toxins as they break down, even after their initial seal, that even the FDA (and we know how much they worry about big business, er, I mean, our well-being) suggests discarding them after a single use. They're finding that a great many of the health consequences that stem from drinking soda, are not so much caused by the contents of the beverage, but rather by the contents of the bottle itself.
      Reusing them for cold drinking water is dangerous enough, but any amount of dry heat or light speeds up the chemical reaction, and your lungs aren't exactly the open-ended system that your digestive tract is. At least when you drink and consume toxins, you have the opportunity to evacuate at least some of the contaminants before complete absorption, and the filtration that takes place within your digestive system is much better equipped to handle and pass interlopers. That's not the case with your lungs.
     Keep in mind that serious short-term consequences are actually rare in comparison, and most early signs of damage are insignificant; a little discomfort, coughing, or maybe nothing at all. Just like workers enduring chemical exposure in certain toxic industries, your body can often chug along for quite a long while, without letting you know or giving any signs that you should be concerned. It's the long-term consequences of exposure that are the true threat... it may be as little as six months, or as long as five to ten years before you even begin to find out just how badly you've damaged your organs and your lung tissue, and these issues tend only to degenerate and grow worse from there. Your kidneys for instance will try to work normally after being damaged, but if there is debris lodged inside, or if the chemicals damaged them slightly and changed the way they function, they can continue to damage themselves progressively, as they try to work normally, and process your healthy waste. And if you keep this up, aside from all the future kidney, bladder, and liver damage, and *hormone disruption, you also have the potential for lung scarring and increasingly reduced lung function to worry about over the next ten to fifteen years. (*Most plastic bottles have been embedded or treated with an artificial, synthetic, estrogen chemical epoxy, called bisphenol-A, which was once used both industrially AND it was given to infertile, fertile and pregnant women as a supplement, but was found to cause cancer, thyroid, and neurological disorders as well as obesity, so it was made illegal, and now for some brilliant reason, it is used as a preservative in everything from cereal box liners, to soda bottles and bags of flour.... a little history lesson, on just how much the FDA and our governing guardians 'care' :p  And on topic, is this really what you want to use for your bong? )
     When we're young, we feel like we're invincible. A lot of the time, even when common sense is telling us something is dangerous, foolish, and just plain wrong (even causing us to make threads to ask outright whether or not it's healthy ;) ), even then, when we're young if nothing feels immediately wrong, we sometimes like to assume that we won't have to worry about any future consequences. But every little bit adds up.
      Beyond your control, you will to be exposed to toxic, carcinogenic, hazardous chemicals during your life, period. You should limit your exposure whenever you have the choice. Your habits could be doubling, tripling, or more your lifetime load of harmful chemical exposure. Even if you were in a bubble and had zero contact with the outside world and environment, the easily-avoidable exposure you're enduring just by smoking from bottles, on its own, may not even remain below hazardous limits.
      But if nothing else, and if your future health doesn't matter to you, why not have a little pride? :) Isn't there something inside you that makes you cringe, or at least roll your eyes, just a bit, when you see someone using a soda bottle to smoke out of?
    There's really no excuse or justification, what-so-ever, for using a soda bottle bong. If you can afford your smoke, then you can afford a better pipe than a free water bottle. :)
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  14. get a glass bottle to use.

    wait a sec...i smoke out of a grav bong that has a bolt and and snapple top as a bowl and a plastic soda bottle underneath.

    is that safe?
  15. just get a hitter man. inconspicuous, cheap, won't make you smell, and the most conservative way to smoke.
  16. the bottles are fine as long as the plastic isn't being heated up. I make those all the time but I have a glass bowl and downstem.
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  17. that's crazy. you would hear the fictional horror stories growing up, but this one takes the cake. always blame the "weed". that synthetic shit is stupid. I've heard about it but never seen or smoked it. and a plastic pez dispenser. i'm afraid to hit my coke bottle gravity bong now. lol.
    get a quality piece op. better to smell like weed than be dead.
  18. I'm not too sure on how bad they are but definitely not worth the risk since you can get a glass bong for cheap anyways. 
  19. Yeah im realizing the bad consequences of re using bottles to smoke kush from....thank you BadKitty Smiles for the comment. Guess i should have known better, my mom always reminds me of the dangers of drinking from plastic lol so smoking from it must be twenty times worse.

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