how bad does 5 lbs of outdoor smell by harvest?

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  1. I have the visual part covered good with a fenced in area, my only concern is how bad the 2 plants will smell, closest neighbors back porch is about 50yds away their back fence is like 15yds but it's very dense this time of year. I planted them right in the ground, compost tea fed, organic top dresses, got big and noded out. Should the fence help contain odor from large wind gusts?

    Strains: Jack Herer and island sweet skunk. They're supposed to not smell that bad and although ones a Skunk cross it has a tropical fruit pine smell and the Herer has a vanilla creme pine scent. I've only grown them in hydro though and the smell didn't travel that far but I never grown these strains this big or outdoor.

    I'm only asking this because these I'd consider "mellow" smelling strain and not have your typical reeking ganja terp profile, but are still going to be large "mellow" smelling plants. They're both strains that make you crave fruit after you smell them. Not like cheese or skunk that smells super danky and sour.
  2. 2 plants I'd say you're safe. Just monitor it all the time, but if there is a lot of other vegetation between you and the neighbor that should mask it pretty well.
  3. Your neighbors will smell it but they may not know where it's coming from and I guess there's also a small chance they won't recognize the smell.
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  4. I mean if they really are 2.5 pounds each dried they’re monsters imo low terp profile low smell or not they are gunna smell period imo
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  5. There gonna stink 100%.
    Common guy who hasent smelled and outdoor plant that big. Its gonna smell before it even flowers.. lol.
    I have outdoors now hidden very very well I can smell them on a still day 100ft away and there in veg.
    My probation officer use to say " if you gotta ask me if its ok you know the answer already"
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  6. The sun just sits there and bakes on it lol
  7. I mean 100 feet away in veg!!! That sounds like a big exaggeration maybe with some strains but I think that’s far from normal but that’s my opinion
  8. Had 2 plants outside last year that weren't big (3 feet x 3 feet) Blueberry and Nordle and you could smell them from well over 100 feet away especially if you were downwind
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  9. I actually took a look its about 60ft . My bad buddy .
    And they do have pistols pre flowers.
  10. I’ve got a plant outside in veg and I only smell it when I brush up against it.
  11. I have plants over 5ft tall still in veg no smell at all unless you rub the leaves a bit.
    Last yrs 10 ft plants only smelled when you were right next to them on hotter day. Depends on strain and how well they are grown , I guess.
    But watch out the first time you start cutting them branches off they will STINK
  12. Maybe your neighbor doesn't know what pot smells like while its growing. Its gonna start stinking nothing you can do about it.
  13. Yeah guys I'm only asking because i got 1 6 ft by 4 ft and a very bushy 5x5ft jack herer both starting to show pistols, both caged up. You can only smell them if you're really close. In flower though it could be a whole different ball game though (jack herer, island sweet skunk).

    All I know is indicas stink up to like 35% more outdoors, just because they're so bushy and leafy along with skunkier genetics. I've noticed a significant difference between them which is why I'm leaning towards the sativas right now, the air flow on them is a lot better in my opinion, therefore less smell. I did my research not to grow foul smelling plants for the sake of my neighbors(not stealing them). Which is maybe the reason i have so many misled responses. It not smelling now has nothing to do with the actual terp production cuz they do smell a lot when handled and super silica. They aren't that big cuz i put them on the ground and sit on my ass, it's genetics. These things have been getting heavy topdress feedings almost weekly along with teas and hasn't yellowed a single leaf off its whole life cycle, just defols of pan sized fan leaves :).
  14. Your plants are 15 yards from your neighbor's property, there isn't any way they won't smell them.
  15. The back of their property is, its woody too, and a large yard as all of us do. We arent very close here. Will get thing to cover it as best ass possible, have yet to even realize the smell untill i walk into the grow location. I dont want to get into details but basically it has the greenhouse effect where the smell doesn't really travel unless it flys over head. These are not fully open air i literally built around them. Thanks tho, wish me luck.
  16. Good luck. Most people do go to the edge of their property on occasion. Not growing skunks will help.
  17. I grew a c99 a few years ago that only smelled lightly if you touched the plant, it was 8-9 oz. Plant. I have also grown a special queen about the same size that I could smell 100ft away deep in the woods in a briar patch.
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  18. Yeah c99 is very similar to the JH I'm working with right now. They both smell but only when you squeeze them and the leaf itself smells more distinctive than the actual bud. I've had smaller plants like you said smell up to 5 times more but they are usually heavier indica traits and not pruned for shit. Like blueberry, haze, afghani, cheese rip right through you. Advice: don't try and stealth grow a blue cheese. Thanks for sharing your experiences everyone.
  19. You never know, they might be growing too.

    Good luck.

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