How bad do northern lights plants stink?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by newbkushgrower, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. How bad does this strain stink when flowering? how far away can it be smelled and can it be easily covered by air freshners? Rate it's smell on a scale from
    1-10. 1 being lowest and 10 being the highest. Im gonna be using a pc grow box.
  2. Good question i'd like to know the same thing! But from people with experience and not from a strain listing.

  3. SAME, I've done research, its claimed as one of the lowest odor strains, but I want to know How smellable it really IS. if its unnoticeable from like 10 feet away, I'll be really happy. I'm planning on buying either big bud or northern lights seeds, but im steered more toward the way of northern lights cause it has a higher thc level, and the seeds are SUPER CHEAP. would save me money.
  4. it smells pretty strong, a weird funk smell.. its strong and funky and once dried has a fruity smell of berries but catches the nostrils like a spicy smell. not using a carbon filter made the basement stanky in veg

  5. I want to grow it in a pc grow box in a bathroom in the far end of my basement that nobody uses, would I be able to smell it from upstairs?
  6. it just smells different lol its hard to explain what its similar to but you can definitely smell it but it doesnt smell like that really noticable stanky bud like kush

    if your basement has a door then you wont smell it upstairs but it will be strong downstairs
  7. Use a carbon scrubber.
  8. yeah, my basement has a small, 5-10ft long hall at the top of the stairs with doors on either side, plus the bathroom downstairs which obviously is downstairs, and Im gonna be putting the pc grow box in a cabinet in the bathroom and conceal it further and use air freshners, Would it be stink up the whole basement?
  9. Don't use air fresheners. Get ONA gel it neutralizes odours. Their is also a DIY Ona somewhere on GC. I'm on my phone so I can't find it for you.

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