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How bad did i get ripped off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DEATHWALK24, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Is 200$ too much for half an ounce?
  2. Depends on quality, area, and how long you've been going to a dealer.

    But, I'd say yes, you were ripped off.
  3. depending on where you live thats fine, it's like 210 by me
  4. It depends on how good it is but it sounds high to me. Being ripped off is in the eye of the beholder, like I bought 2 grams for $40 the stuff was OKAY, but I really needed some, and a really cool guy that I met on here got it for me so to me I wasn't ripped off although some people wouldn't pay that much.
  5. $210 seems really high unless you're buying something that is VERY dank.
  6. Depends. What state do you live in ? I pay like 130 a half O.
  7. I live in Texas. It was decent shit, but it wasn't like amazing or anything
  8. thats def high i get an oz for200$
  9. That 200 I paid was supposed to be a discounted price too
  10. Most cali top shelf goes for 200 a half zip at the clubs, but on the streets its like an unsaid understanding that it will always be 150 a half.
  11. I'm in tx too man and my dealer has some dankity dank and its 200-220 a half I wouldn't say you got ripped to bad if its some good
  12. No more than $150 for me
  13. Well fuck. Looks like I'll be finding someone else lol
  14. Create a relationship with your dealer
  15. 200 a half is what I pay, but only for the type of sensi you'd expect from Amsterdam or something. For normal buds that's just thilly prices :p
  16. Take a pic, cause if its mids you got BEAT
  17. I pay $200 for half an ounce but that's of really good stuff so as long as it's danky
  18. I can't take a pic, me and my friends already smoked the half ounce
  19. I can't take a pic, Me and my friends already went through the half ounce
  20. Depends where you live here, for me it would be a rip off no matter how god the weed is.

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