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How bad are waterfall bongs for you?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jizzle, Oct 19, 2014.

  1. I've heard that waterfall (and gravity) bongs are really unhealthy for you since some of the plastic melts/burns in the process and the fumes get in the smoke, and this effect is increased more and more based on how many times you use the same bottle. I dont even know if this is 100% true or not but i was just wondering really how bad they were? Like should i try to avoid them all together or just try to avoid using the same kind of bottle too much? Or does using the same bottle not even make a difference? Thanks 

  2. Not sure about the plastic burning and whatnot, but if you want a simple solution just buy a glass spoon for $20. Then you won't have to worry!!
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    What do you mean glass spoon?
  4. theres some truth to it if youre using foil or the cap to the waterbottle or something. its not something you should be concerned with if you hardly ever do it. get a glass bowl if youre using it all the time
  5. Glass spoon pipe

    Bird + Weed + Papers = Good time
  6. I wouldn't really worry about the bottle itself burning. I'd worry about what your using as your bowl. Obviously, it's not good to inhale plastic, or aluminium foil. If you are using like a metal socket, that would be best. And I would only use the same bottle for one sesh.
    But, again, none of that matters with a glass pipe or a j. 
  7. Alright ya i built mine with a metal socket but ive used it more than a few times? should i stop using it?
  8. Yeah it really just depends on how you make it. If you're really crafty you could find a way to make a 100% glass gravity bong. But yes plastic and aluminum is very bad for you. That's why I stopped making home made bongs and just stuck to the real shit.

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  9. I have been using same one for year just clean every once in a while

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    Idk what plastic your burning when you should be using metal/glass. We make our gravity bongs from a glass 5th with a 19mm opening (alot of these exist, captain Morgan for an example.) Have made at least 6 or more now. Usually use it for a day or 2 then toss it, then make another 2 weeks later haha. At that point you tie a string around the bottle tightly near the bottom. Then take a propane torch (butane would work but take a lot longer) used for dabbing and slowly heat up the glass while going in circles around the base just below the string. Once it starts to look disfigured/warped, tap the bottle just under the string and it will cleanly break, at the point you can take sandpaper, or any rough material and sand it down to not be sharp. It's a perfect glass on glass seal with no plastic involved. Seems extensive but if you already dab, all you need is the right fifth and it takes less than 5 minutes from tying the string till your hitting it
  11. as a cheap ass college kid grav bongs are heaven, been smoking the same grav piece/metal socket for over a year..i have never tasted burning plastic or glue...I only do 2-3 bowls a session tho so the plastic never really becomes heated
  12. just make a class one, u could make it out of a wine bottle. I made a gb out of a handle of hack daniel and a 1/5 of captain. it was dope
  13. Gravs always get me really fucked up even though I've been smoking for over a year
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    Gb's are fun but probably the worst way to smoke in terms of mobility/discreetness imo

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