How awesome are you parents?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BellaAddams, May 15, 2010.

  1. Cause mine are pretty cool.

    Tonight i got home from work and came upstairs, deposited my keys and slushy in my room then on my way to the bathroom I hear:

    "Jess... come here please."

    *gulp* What did I do... shit.

    So she waits a beat then asks, "What did you make in that glass baking dish?"

    Busted. My mom is a smart lady so I knew I couldn't pull a fast one on her with this, so I spit it out.

    "Uh, I made hash... sorry I thought I got it all."

    This is where most other parents would freak or at least be wholely dissapointed. My mom just nods and says, "I thought so, I could smell it. How did it turn out?".

    lol best mom ever. I told her not too well, I didn't have a coffee filter so I had to make due with the fine strainer. She tells me just to use a cheese cloth next time haha

    What a cool lady.

    Any one else's parents unexpectedly cool sometimes?
  2. Nice. One time i was hitting my bong in my room and my mom walks in, while i was mid hit. I stopped and she looked at me, and she stared at me for a second and said "just open a window," and walked out.

    I thought it was pretty hilarious.
  3. I wanna bump this because having chill parents is awesome and they should be apreciated.

    My mom and dad don't care about me smoking at all... since its now decriminilized they don't have to worry about me getting in any legal trouble...

    They don't mind me keeping weed and pipes in my room and as long as its when no company's around they don't care if I blaze in my room... its great not having to worry about it..

    Its real chill... and neither of them even smoke.. they get drug tested for there jobs.. and had no problem voting yes on question #2!
  4. I have burned with my dad and best friends all the while taking his hooked up H2 out in the woods and doing some 4x4 shit with it. One of the best times I have ever had with my dad bar-none. He was having such a good time and he is remarried to a freaking bitch of a wife now and never lets him have any sort of fun at all, so it was really good to see him with no stress and just laughing his ass off with us.

    Been burning with him for a year or two now and he loves it that we can smoke together. He even says how stupid it is that it's illegal and that Cali is moving in a good direction. All of my friends think he is badass too cause he doesn't care.

    As long as I'm doing good with classes and still working hard there's no hurt in having some relaxation time at the end of the day is what he tells me.

    Congrats on having good/cool parents for sure.
  5. my mom caught me smoking out my window once and i thought she was gonna bitch me out...

    "just don't let your dad find out"

  6. Living with my folks can be annoying at times but they're cool people, I can smoke in the crib and be chillin without question so thats fine by me.:smoking:
  7. My mom wouldn't approve, but probably wouldn't do much about it. She found my sister's bowl though and she got in trouble with my parents, but they pretty much said keep drugs at college and not at the house.
  8. i smoke with my dad in front of my stepmom everyday...soooo yeah i'd say there pretty chill, still dont like them most of the time though lol
  9. when i was 16 i was blazing in the garage and my pops came home early talkin about "sniff sniff damn next time hit the block or something cuz your mom will beat the bricks off you lol"
  10. Dad: Hey lets smoke a blunt and get some Wendys!
    Me: Fuck yeah!

    That's basically what it looked like everyday when I was still living at home. My dad's a badass. I'm sure my mom would've been super tight too but she died when I was really little so I didn't have the chance to blaze with her. Oh well, life goes on. :smoke:
  11. Pretty Awesome:):cool:
  12. Not awesome at all. :(
  13. yes! amen for having two open minded parents that grew up in the 70's. I cant wait until I find out my kid is a stoner too then can tell them they are at least 4th generation tokers lol
  14. eh, my moms wicked awesome, always willing to help me get anything and is even going to match me on a car when i ge tthe money. neither my mom nor dad like smoking pot. my mom knows i smoke and even kinda jokes about it sometimes. my dad, well, hes just fat. but they do realize its my life which im very thankful for
  15. Yeah, I fucked up in school when I should have been paying attention. I got kicked out of the house and have been living pretty much a hell of a life. When I called my dad I told him I couldn't take it anymore living like this. He tells me I could come back and he says he doesn't expect anything from me. He doesn't care if i work, go to school, do whatever. He even tells me he's going to raise my allowance from last time and if I get a job he'll raise it even more and buy me a car soon. He also said he never cared if I made straight A's as long as I tried my best. The only thing he wants me to do is keep peace in the family, no more fighting with parents and shit.
  16. ive toked with my moms plenty of times:smoking: i guess thats pretty awesome
  17. i didnt start smoking until six months after my mom stopped smoking weed (she still smokes cigs), which i find rather amusing but disappointing because i never got to smoke with her.

    i had never talked to her about me personally smoking but im pretty sure she knew, until one day she knocked on my door while i was smoking, so knowing i couldnt bullshit her i went to the door and just opened it all red-eyed and stoney and she just looks at me and is like, "ashley! are you smoking in here!?" i gave her this little dont kill me smile and said "yeahhhhh...." and she looked behind me at the ashtray onthe ground with all my art supplies everywhere and my bong chilling there, and looked back at me, flipped my fan on, and said "open the window next time."

    i love my mommy : )

    my dads another story, hes not against weed, just against me smoking weed, and he likes to deny that i do which is a little urghhh but it works for both of us i guess cause if hes convinced himself that i dont, then he cant tell me not to. i think its because i dont fit his definition of a stoner (he was born and raised a conservative god-fearing montana farm boy, kinda opposite from my hippie-beach-party life; his definition of a stoner would involve something more similar to an episode of intervention), and he refuses to believe that anything other than what he grew up with is possible as far as drugs go. if that makes sense? lol.

    but i still love my daddy : )

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