How Are Zob Bongs

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  1. I just got a nice g on g tube from aqua labs  14 inches tall 18mm joints ice pinches. My question is is this a quality piece?  Tell me I didn't waste my money...

  2. yes, for what you payed, it is a very nice piece. They are sturdy pieces
  3. yeah it was 133$ with shipping. thnks
  4. i have one of these Zob wubblers. it was my daily driver until i got my Apix Design. 
    i think Zob is pretty decent for the price
    You didn't waste your money. :D

    I know lots of people with Zob pieces. Don't recall any of them saying bad things about them, though I do remember a lot of positive. They've got some solid designs.
  6. :yay: Just got the email Aqua Lab Tech shipped my order.  Can't wait for this upgrade Been smoking outa acrylic with a metal bowl for months.  This looks to be the nicest piece I've ever smoked out of CAN NOT WAIT!!!
  7. I hate them things, a buddy has a large or normal size one. They are great if you like them though, not a fan of the alternative design. The simpler the better.
  8. whata ya mean "alternative design" this is simple.. beaker bottom 5 inches wide tube 50 mm in diameter glass 5 mm thick and 13.75 inches tall .this is the perfect med. sizer Imop anyway 
  9. I think your thinking of Zong not ZOB.  Zong are those zig zag things this is a straight tube
  10. Zong sucks
  11. yup i agree
  12. Just got done smoking outa my new piece..... :metal: IT ROCKS...I think ZOB glass has a new fan.
  13. On the derail... I think Zongs are those love/hate things. I've run into people that just swear by them, even though I can't really get them to state... "why?".

    To each his own. Its all personal preference anyways. But I agree... Zong's suck! :bongin:
  14. my issue with the Zong's (at least the ones with the zig zaggy points) is that the bitch doesnt be fair i havent tried those Zong's that are more spiral like i guess
  15. Idk bout Zong but ZOB is awesome.  This is a beautiful piece of glass very simple, nice diffusion thru the stem and those deep ice catches are smartly placed.  and act as a splash gaurd I have a new fav piece.
  16. Zob's are pretty decent glass, my cousin has a wubbler that rips real nice.
  17. I have the exact same one, I paid 100, but le tme tlel you the bong is amazing and the glass is so thick. Although I'm pretty sure mine was 7mm
    Isn't it obvious? It is another design, different from your typical bong design which has been around for decades. It seems simple, and in function it is, but in design not really since the entire bowl and "downstem" seem like it wouldn't take much of a hit to break that off. Also in my stoned state at the time I thought he meant Zong too, not Zob, which is retarded because the bong in the pic has it right there. Zobs are okay, nothing too high end or special, your typical reasonable piece that you can accidentally break and not feel feel liek shit when it happens because it did not cost a crazy amount.
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    Zobs are just average IMO nothing fancy or special, one glass company that has caught my attention is Pulse I actually own a few of their pieces and they hit smooth and are drag free! 
    But hey a piece is a piece!
  20. Pulse is  way overpriced

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