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Discussion in 'General' started by Olesmoky, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. How are you guys and gals tonight? Whats going on with you, anything interesting? :smoke:
    for me it seems I've met a seemingly amazing girl. We'll see how things go but I smoked a joint and I am just really happy and in a good mood. Some bad stuff is coming, but with the change, and the negativity, there will come a better period of living, with positivity.
  2. things are going good .

    finally fitting into the new move to Georgia after 5 months :eek:

    Team is ranked 3rd in state...won out first game of the season against #7 tonight 3-0

    and it seems i too have met an amazing girl :wave:

    cheers to that
  3. Oh man sounds like things are going good! :)
    Cheers to that for sure.
  4. Actually doing really well, school's going great and I've got my car running. Can't complain other than not having a date for v-day :p
  5. plans fell through.
    no bud.

    but whatever.
  6. Things not going to best but your still positive. I like it man, my next joint is for you :smoke:
  7. Had a great day and am off to watch a movie I think :)
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    Kind of stressed out, but weed helps. :smoke:
  9. Just got back from The Hideaway, Olesmoky! I see you're from MN, so you might have been there before. They just recently got in their Bi-Anual shipment of RooRs in, so in 3 weeks i'm going to grab an 18" Rasta label beaker bottom RooR. I'm really excited that I went tonight, otherwise I would have ended up getting an Illadelph from Homegrown Glass. Shit i'm still debating, but I really think I want that RooR.
  10. I've actually never been there but that's where all the people I know go. I go to Blaine Tobacco if you know where that is haha. Most of their glass is shit but its the closest to my house.

  11. Never been there before, but I understand what you mean when you ay Tobacco store and shitty glass in the same sentance :p

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