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Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. Today's startin' out pretty good... woke up, went to smoke a J and check on the plants, low and behold they are starting to bud now. So I'm high, my plants are budding, and i don't work for 5 more hours.

    So how's everyone's Tuesday?

  2. Finally a rainy and overcast day.:yay:

    droughts can kiss my ass.
  3. Its going pretty good. Woke up, smoked a bowl... Watched some Price is Right while eating cereal. Now just crusing around the intranet and watching preseason football games... Yup.
  4. it sucks. im at work bearly high by now and no more weed. damn! and roach ive had the rain you speak of for 3 days now. its too much. im startin to grow moss on the back of my neck. 4 more days of it to come.
  5. Skipped school, slept in 4 hours, feeling great.
  6. Pretty shitty so far. The weather is crappy, and I just had to clean up my cat's puke. If that fat thing would just eat slower...

    I'll probably smoke some later and then go see Superbad, so hopefully my day will take a turn for the better.
  7. Things so far are the usual, got up, got my coffee, gonna do some crunches then Im going over to walk my nieghbors dog, then its off to my grandmas to take care of her, gonna blaze a bowl and eat lots of nutella. YUM.
  8. well its going alright. Dealer stole my money so my bros coming down from brooklyn tommorow we get to pay him a visit. I just visited coinstar and had 100 dollars worth of loose change. So tommorow im picking up a bag from a close friend so atleast i know i will get it. umm thats really it..its fucking raining.
  9. Watin for my boy to roll through, Then bout to go over my other boys, Pick up some codiene and smoke some weed and ole boy of mine jus got out of prison and hes over there so go kick it with him n shit.
  10. woke up at 5 to sex...which is a treat...and now im decently high...but i got a huge ear to ear grin...and i will allday...

    that and the my brand of cigarettes was buy one get one, and the dude gave me a free swisher xl....

    im pretty sure i still havent actually woken up, and im having a dream...only thing thats left is i find a magical stash that never gets low...
  11. Back here.

    Got some codiene and some vicodin.

    Got 10 t3's and 2 vike 750's for $5.

    Thas what im talkin bout.
  12. Looks like it's a good day on GC. I hope ya'll have a high and prosperous day. Peace out ya'll. Much love fools.

  13. indeed. smoked a fat bowl and watched superbad, packin another now.
  14. having a good day, woke up and rolled a joint. had 1 bong to get me going a half hour before a job interview which i think i will get! cane home smoked a bowl outta my bubb nice and blazed gonna cruises with my friend tonight cuz its his b-day... that sounds about it. oh and now im watchin diff'rent strokes:p gary coleman is hilariouse high!!!!
  15. I just have a bunch of disgusting res. :(
  16. Shits goin pretty good.

    Copped them pills earlier and he told me he had the 750's for 2 for 3.

    Later had my homie stop by and drop off a bag and we was bullshitin and he said he was bout to cop some vikes and i told him i got em cheap right now.

    So we bounced and got him a coulpe hun vikes and now im back here.

    Gon fix his radio this weekend for a couple bucks and hes supposed to drop by in a few minutes with a mic for me to use which would be the shit.

    I gotta say, Today was a good day.

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