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How are you suppost to use the pax?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by cannabisismedicine, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. I have the pax port vaporizer just wondering what is the correct way of using it?I'ved searched youtube and google and alot of those videos are older and more focus on reviewing the actualy pax not focusing to much on how you are suppost to inhale.
    How many times are you suppost to fill the oven for 1 session?Is just one suffient?or do you need to fill it two or three times to get the desiered effects?
    And how do you know when the oven is ready to be empty?when I empty it my weed is a mixture of brown with green being on top.

  2. sounds like you havent done your research at all....
    really watch the videos because they explain all the questions you ask.
    additionally, go to FC forums and read through the Pax by Ploom appreciation thread.
  3. I will load a bowl and I have used it for up to 3 people, with top shelf bud inside.
    Do NOT inhale hard on your PAX, the oven will slowly degrade if you do.  You may think you're not getting anything but most likely you are unless your PAX is defective.  To know when the oven is cooked is almost preference, you can cook the ever lasting shit out of it if you want.
    For a long time I would start on medium temperature and then after like 5-10 minutes turn it to high temperature.  Now, I just always leave it on high temperature and blow pretty fat clouds of vapor and get really stoned from it, pretty awesome device.
  4. Fill it until it fills the oven, then tamp it down. You want a light pack. Put the door on and turn it on. You can get three sessions out of it by using the lowest setting, then medium, then high.
    I use it about every two hours. So the first is at low, second at medium, third on high. Then empty the oven. By then it should be a nice toasty brown color all the way through.
    I used to just use it on high...but that was almost a waste. Since I was saving it I can't consider it wsted. But doing it this way is a more efficient use of weed.
    For smoking, just take small puffs then inhale. Big long hits on it will cause the oven to cool and you won't get as good of vapor production. Also, dry consumables produce less vapor.
    Save your ABV for edibles. Since the THC is de-carbed already you just mix it in. Save up until you get about 1/2 oz.
    How comfortable are you on the cleaning? Do you have some pipe cleaners and isopropyl alcohol? If not get some. Also, go sparingly on your lubricant. Hit me up if you need help come cleaning time. It needs it's maintenance or it will become sticky and won't work right.

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