how are you guys DRYING?

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  1. as about 70% of the hairs on my plant are starting to turn reddish orange, weve started pulling a few branches off.
    We hung them under the deck(fairly dark) and in about 3 days it was just hay weed

    We then tried putting a few other branches in a cardboard box (closed) in the garage and theyre currently drying..

    Anyone have a how to guide with specific descriptions of the place to do it.
    I cant do it in my closet or most places inside
    will the box work?
  2. you will need to have air circulating in the box atleast a bit.

    you cant always go by the hairs. my hairs are still 90% white and I only have a week left.

    could work the other way around. all the hairs could be dark but the plants arent even close to full mature.

  3. Buds should be in a dark, dry enviroment, no more than 50% Humidity, With a small amount of air exchange to ward off mould and fungus.
    But not too much air, becasue thats why your buds have turned into hay weed. too much air movement, and they have dryed to quickly.
    Best way if you can't dry in a wardrobe, is in a cardboard box on some string, open the box daily for air exhange and check the buds for mould.
    They should take about a week to dry well....
  4. Sounds like too much heat. A cool, dry dark area is best. I have mine in a basement closet. Temp 70-72
  5. when do i move from the box to the jar for curing? its working much better this way..
  6. You need to trim most of the leaves off real well, or else you end up with that wet hay/lawn clippings smell.
  7. When you can snap the stem between your fingers.
    If it just bends, it's not ready.

    When in jars the buds need to be turned, aired and inspected everyday.
  8. I used Big Paper Bags to dry last year.

    I got some from the Garden shop.

    I would turn the buds in the bags everyday.

  9. i hang the branches with buds on them over the deer antlers we have hanging in our house for 2 days clip and trim all up, then stick them on screens till dry, flipping them daily. Usually takes 5-8 days depending on the bud size and density.
  10. sealed at the top? ventilation?

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