how are you celebrating 420?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jakethemarine, Apr 21, 2016.

  1. Hey guys how are you guys celebrating 420 right now? I ain't doing anything excited sence I moved back with the parents 2 weeks ago but I smoked a bowl earlier and I just smoked a fat bowl with my sister and am floating on a solid 7. I am eating and now coolin in online for the night. No part here lol. How many people are you guys with and what are you doing to celebrate?
  2. Flooding undiscovered islands in the Pacific...Undiscovered means uninhabited, right?

    We'll find out I guess.:coolalt:
  3. Buyin a new vaporizer
  4. By harvesting the weed.

    It just so happens that we cut the lights back to 12/12 at just the right time so that they would be unintentionally ready for harvest 4/20! When me n my dad noticed this we thought this was the best thing ever lmao.
  5. Getting family and friends together for the first time. Some family haven't smoked in over 40 years. My only requirement to attend is that they must consume cannabis in some form. I have a few ideas for entertainment such as rolling contests, team bag races (volcano type vape), smoke rings styles and bong rip tests. It is gonna be a mingling of some older farts and young nephews and nieces, most who have never partied together. Ages 20 to 75.

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