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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by HarryBojangles, May 14, 2006.

  1. Hey everyone!

    ive been smokeing for awhile now. few years. i consider myself a novice smoker, nothing special, yet i respect everyones way of smoking. i give more respect to marijuana then i do to my table manners or that sort of a thing, if it makes sense. ive been reading GC forums for a few weeks now, but i never made it past the "grow journals" thread, so i never knew this part was down here! ive never grown yet though, but it seems that all my dealers have moved or stoped dealing, which makes me think that i mine aswell take that opportunity and start my first grow. ive been intrigued by the art of growing for awhile but never had the 'empff' to dive in and do it. one of these days...

    heres a question for all of you... what is favorite thing/place to do/be when your smoking?

    my favorite time and place would have to be outback on my deck at around 2am. its just peaceful because i know im the only one outside besides the animals. and i know im the only one enjoing nature to the fullest. nothing better my friends, nothing better at all.
  2. Hey, welcome to the city Harry!:wave:
    My favs are sitting with my favorite stoner buddies watching asian anime/movies after grabbing a shit load of munchies. Fav movie is Battle Royale and fav series is Naruto. We've got about 150 of them on DVD and watched all at least once. Hope you have fun posting.
  3. your name makes me chuckle

    *chuckle chuckle*

    if i'm high, any place is a good place to be. haha, i just get so happy to be alive and really appreciate the things and the people around me. but i would have to say my favorite would be in my boy's room with his roor and some spaghetti that he made for me :smoke:

    oh yeah! good luck with your grow if you decide to go through with it. i'm glad you found this place. good place for growers.
  4. :wave:Welcome to the city. GoodLuck with your grow.
  5. Welcome to the City! :wave:

    my favorite way to smoke it out of a bong. I like being out in the middle of no where smoking on a nice day or chilling in someones basement on a couch. No matter where i am though, i will find a nice good spot to smoke :smoke:
  6. thanks everyone! im just glad to be here :) :hello: bongs are my favorite thing to smoke out of too. always a nice high.

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