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    Whatsup guys,

    My names Clay. Im new to this site and this is my second time growing so take it easy on me... I have changed some things up this second time around and Im seeing some much better results as opposed to the first go-round. Im gonna walk you through the details of my setup and then show some pics of what were actually working with. I know there are some true veterans on this site when it comes to growing pot so I would just like some feedback from you guys on any problems you might notice or anything that you think I need to do to improve growth. Please respond and let me know!

    Grow Box Details: Im growing in a plastic storage shelf that I bought from Walmart. It has dimensions: 27" Length/ 15" Depth/ 35" Width with 2 swaying doors on the front face. I cut out a rectangular hole in the bottom right side and the top left side of the box for ventilation. I have 3 small fans placed in corners to maintain circulation (top right, top left next to vent, bottom right next to vent). I have a 24" fluorescent light on the top ceiling of the box with two t5 120v bulbs. I also have a LED bulb that produces roughly 4000 lumens below the top shelf shining downward for the plants on the bottom.

    Plant Details: I germinated 25 cannabis seeds that I acquired over time just from saving a seed when I found it. I tend to only smoke pretty dank bud so I figure the seeds are from descent strains (I just don't know which ones are which lol). Of the 25 seeds that I germinated 16 popped out within 2 days. I let them get to about an inch long and then placed them in soil on April 3rd. I am using miracle grow ORGANIC potting soil which has basically nothing in it (no nutrients, no perlite, etc.). I am growing in red solo cups with one seed per cup. I water the plants roughly every three days, whenever the soil dries out nicely (I check the moisture level with a moisture probe frequently). The plants are in their vegetative stage and are getting an 18/6 light cycle. The only nutrient I have given these plants is liquid seaweed extract. They get a very diluted form in the water when I water their roots and I also spray their foliage with a spray bottle w/ liquid seaweed (I know that this could harm the plants but they seem to be doing alright). I don't know my PH of my water and I don't know the PH of my soil medium as well. It has been like 15 days and these things are basically taking off. I don't know what I'm going to do with this many plants but Im pretty sure I will only be able to grow like 1 plant in this boxx haha y'all let me know what y'all think and give me your honest opinions on what I should do with future nutrients, transplanting, fertilizers, lighting, etc. Also let me know if I forgot any details of my grow. Thanks!

    Here are some pics of the set-up:




  2. IDK how to add fucking pictures
  3. put trays under the cups so you don't spill water all over and possibly get your electronics wet

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