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  1. I am currently growing 4 plants under a 400 Watt HPS/MH light. I came to get your guys opnions on how they are looking. I am growing Purple #1 my baby, Bubblegummer, Pineapple Chunk, and LSD. Right now purple #1 is getting huge and pineapple chunk seems to be my runt. I am about 3 weeks in. I am going to be getting a bigger tent as these 4 are simply just trying to outgrow this tent. Well thanks for the insight guys here are some pics....

    Purple #1



    Pineapple Chunk

    Toby Mac
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    Looks great!
  3. pineapple chunk looks good! I chopped mine a few months ago, pretty good smoke
  4. Im sure hoping so. I know pineapple chunk is a barney farm seed and just let me say. I have had NOTHING but trouble with barney farm seeds. I bought 5 tangerine dream seeds and only 2 actually grew. I am happy though this one is working. Cant wait to smoke them all. I also read the purple #1 has a 95% turn rate to purple anyone know if i have the iniate this or if it just turns itself. Thanks guys
  5. Lookin' real good man. Short and bushy!
  6. Yummy looks good man! How do you like the lsd? I ordered one myself along with tangerine dream. Hope I have a better germination rate than 2 though. Keep it up though man!!
  7. The lsd is some awesome smoke
  8. i had no problems with both of my barney farm seeds.

    good luck with the grow! Here is a picture just to let u get a picture of what mine looked like after 6 weeks under a 600w, its a very branchy strain.

  9. Yea that's how mines looking and she is the shortest of the bunch

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