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  1. Started these by seed in mid april ones purple urkle the other im not 100 percent sure either longs peak blue or L.A. confidential my friend told me. Doing an outdoor grow and dealing with a grass hopper problem but im just wondering how these look so far? One branch just got taped because i bent it a little to tight and it broke just a tad

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  2. That's definitely going to get rootbound if it's two plants in one tote. If they've been going since mid April they should be twice the size.

    Not sure what that black piece is? Are you trying to separate the root space, they will reach around it and tangle each other fighting for just about everything. It already looks like it.

    Post a bit more info about the setup.
  3. Put then into tote about 3 weeks ago and put them out side when i transplanted them into the tote, yes that was the idea for the black thing but i figured it wouldnt work, i topped them and than started to LST,

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  4. They look like healthy outdoor plants. I'm doing a experiment with multiple plants in one container.

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  5. That looks good hopefully itll work out!
  6. How will i know if the roots all get tangled and is it to late to transplant?
  7. looking ok .if you got them out side watch out for bugs .i'd give them a spray of neem oil just to make sure ,,,mac
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  8. Your roots plants will be fine. I've grown many plants in one 20 gallon Rubbermaid container. With yield of a pound from a bunch small plants. I have thread documenting my current experiment with method
  9. Although this is not efficient depending on what you expect from the finished results
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  10. Will i get about the same yeild as normal?
  11. What yield are you expecting?
  12. I'm experience smaller plants will worker better when using multiple plants. In your case if those are current pics. That container is a good size. I suggest removing the divider. Their growers on other forums who use this method and from my past results. The plants grow as if they are in their own container. Two plants can share that root space just fine. And anyone who says that they can't ,I believe they are not fond of this method.
    I would expect regular yield.
  13. What size container are you using and how far along are you? Also if it's an outside grow what state are you in? So that I can know when does Flowering start in your area
  14. In michigan i started from seed right around easter, believe its 35 gallon storage bin and i should remove the divider?

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