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how are the prices

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by bobba loo, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. are the prices cheaper in the dispensary's?
    or are they cheaper on the street. or the same
  2. i got some FIRE OG KUSH for like 55. best shit ever an 1/8 of course. i got a special deal too i got a free gram of sour diesel. but i didnt like it cuz it was indica >.<. i coulda just got the fire og kush for 40$ a 1/8th and no free gram but whatever.
  3. so the "free" sour diesel costed you 15$?
  4. Its so much cheaper to go threw a dispensary, some places here will give you a sort of punch card, or have sales on a specific strain, I've seen super dank on sale for $35-$45 an 8th. Free stuff when you spend so much. Lots more to offer. And its priceless to be able to go in a pick out the weed you want, Sativa Or Indica you know what your paying for.

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