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How are strains made?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stratez, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. How are strains made?
    Is it possible to make your own? Ex: Banana, Purple Rain, Orange
  2. absolutely. its mostly done through selective breeding but that's an oversimplification
  3. pretty much different two different plants with different genetics are breeded and crossed together, thus making a plant with those genetics combined. then the breeder named the new cross whatever he wants to.
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    Most times the strains are names that are given by a dealer are made up to sell the product. You could think of strains like different types of the same fruit. They've got their little difference that make them unique, but they are still the same species. With different strains of marijuana the compounds that get you high vary from one to the next.(among other things)They are often broken down into two groups: sativa and indica.
  5. this is completely false, that's how fake strain names are made. People who just tag random shit onto it are stupid, and are just making up a fake name. Actual real strain names are created by the breeder.
  6. When two strains love each other very much they decide to have a child together and surprise! You have a new strain.
  7. Depends , f1s are pretty common , I go for "heirloom " genetics though . Meaning it's stable , and unworked for the most part . I'm starting to sample new hybrids though
  8. i didn't mean that dealers are the creators of strains. i meant most strain names are fake, or at least the ones your getting from your dealer.
  9. [quote name='"SirMarijuana"']When two strains love each other very much they decide to have a child together and surprise! You have a new strain.[/quote]

    But they have to be married or Jesus.will repent their soul to Hell
  10. Hence "God's Gift"
  11. No you guys are all wrong. To make your own strain, put an equal amount of bud of two different strains together, then push them through a strainer. And voila, you have your new strain ;)




  12. well son when a mommy plant and a daddy plant love each other...
  13. [​IMG]

  14. dammit you beat me to it :(
  15. People name it whatever they want.

    Strain names don't mean shit.

    Go by smell and crystals. You can't fake the funk.
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    Cross breeding, pollination, male, and female plants, cloning,steroids, it really all has to do with dna, and reproduction.

  17. By your logic sir:

    Dog types don't mean shit.

    Go by the colour of their fur and how fluffy their fur is.
  18. Bluntman, when they give it scientific Latin names, I'll believe them.

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