How are portable vapes?

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  1. I've been thinking about getting high off of vapes. I dont like the idea of smoking, it just feels dirty to me, and its unhealthy and acts like a depressant.

    Has anyone tried smoking off a portable vape? How was it like? Was it a clean, straight to the head high like it should be, or was it similar to smoking?

    I'd like to know because I may be able to convince my homie to buy a vape so he doesnt have to smoke 3-5 blunts a day. He has half a pound of weed and thats just a lot of smoke.
  2. Should have posted in toking tools. But look into the MFLB for a portable vape. It's easily concealed and extremely convenient.
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    my bro has one its awesome needless to say
  4. I have an MFLB and if you want a portable vaporizer then me and most of GC will tell you to get it because it's awesome.
  5. it will be hard to change him man. trust me, if he likes smokin 5 blunts a day he's gonna keep smoking blunts everyday, he likes that high and its different with a vape.
  6. Why is this in real life stories?
  7. I want a vape to but I can't afford a really good one at the moment 2.3 grams last me like a week so vape would easily prolong my greens like another week if you find any cheap portables let us no
  8. i hate how long vaping with my mflb takes. other than that it's sweet
  9. I made a quarter last me from may 23rd ( the day I got my mflb) until August 3rd.. and that's vaping almost daily
  10. They are very good man. My friend had one when we were in 11th grade. Very sneaky way to smoke. haha
  11. Look into a vapor genie. It looks like a pipe and uses a lighter for power. I like it. 1 bowl gets me RIPPED.

    And lifetime warranty and replacement parts for only 60 bucks.
  12. MFLB > *

    you'll be pleased.
  13. Vapir N02. I haven't smoked out of my piece since I bought it.
  14. Please, please don't buy a portable vape. If you are looking for a cleaner way to get high at home, buy a real vape. If you need to smoke on the go, then just smoke J's. I only use my portable vape when I need to be stealthy, would never use it otherwise. It's not even comparable to a non-portable vape.
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    Why do you say that? I have the volcano too but I'd much rather use my n02 over it, anytime. Just wondering what negatives your reefering to.
  16. Its just no were nearly as strong as a real vape. I love bringing my MFLB or Vapor Genie with me if I know i'm going to the beach or a movie and i'm going to be surrounded by people and want to be stealthy about my toking, but you would never catch me at home vaping on a portable rather then on my DBV.

    I just see a lot of new tokers or new to vaping picking up portable vapes and thinking its going to be the equivalent of a joint or a blunt, when it's a lot closer to a one-hitter. Then they hit it, usually improperly, and complain about how weak vaping is.

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