How are nails sold legally?

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by DiamondDabs, Feb 11, 2014.

  1. I was wondering if anyone can inform me as to how nails are marketed legally, and sold in states where it would be considered paraphernalia?

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  2. Because freedom.
  3. You can use a nail to smoke belly button lint. perfectly legal.
  4. This is a weird thread.
  5. Nicotine Dabs?
  6. Some freak might like to dab their own cum.
  7. LOL wtfffff how cud u even think of that. 
    Dude im crazy, demented and twisted........ A little weird too. :laughing:
  9. why do they sell meth nd crack pipes?? same way u cud sell a nail. when i got arrested i acually got my nail and torch back. only thing was my rig which they broke infront of me. some cops take ur mmj card some dont. some take it for weed only some dont for bho. i got the felony dropped at court but my nail was retured to me when i was bailed. made me happy that i didnt have to dab on my spare glass nail till a new one came which isnt cupped. just waists wax basically
  10. i would do that if it ment proveing my legal use for it..
  11. i cud tell...
  12. "tobacco pipe" laws and the fact that the US has had the most hypocritical drug laws ever.
    pot pipe?
  14. I get the whole freedom thing, but I guess I was looking for someone with shop experience, that knows about public marketing for such items.

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  15. its not illegal to make, sell, market naiils and/or paraphenelia, its what you do with them (aka what you smoke out/with them) i think is the issue. guns are legal and you can buy as many as you want, but what you do with it is the grey area, ya see?
  16. I think he is asking what the hell is the legal use they marketing nails for.. For pipes and stuff it's tobacco, but you can't smoke tobacco from a nail... So I really have no idea. Good question haha. I guess you could dab e liquid if you wanted to lol

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  17. why cant you smoke tobacco off a nail? if you heat it up and lower some tobacco on there, im sure it will work. effective? probably not so much. 
  18. Ok I'll bite, wtf :p ?
  19. I'm guessing a lot of states and the federal government is behind the times when it comes to stuff like that.  They're more worried about the B word.

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