How are my roots looking???Clone (picture)

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by brian_6905, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. K so i transplanted this bad boy and i checked out the roots and i thought they looked really nice

    anything wrong?
    also i guess this means im watering correctly right>?
  2. looks pretty good to me, is she taking hold well in her new bucket?
  3. thriving! should adjust well to the next size pot. nice job.
  4. Your roots look like they want to be put into a bigger pot!

    Good job with the clone.
  5. okay well heres a pic of new pot
    hopefully the Nitrogen and other nutes can get it back its green color


  6. oh i dont doubt this girl will recover with magnesium and phosphorus and all those yummy nutes!!!

    my recovery from brown spots and yellow stripped leaves only took 5 full days. even the dead spots on the leaves turned green again..

  7. Those are the skiniest looking leaves I've ever seen on an MJ plant... Is that an MJ plant lol?
  8. Sativa.........mmmmmmmmmmmm!
  9. its some sort of actual purple strain, i just dont have the exact name for it, that might explain the length and width of leaves, along with the lack of nutes its had
  10. i got a similar lookin sativa... good luck wid the clone

    Would say u should take that foil shit down, but if its workin... aye

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