How are my plants doing?

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  1. Hi, inexperienced grower here...

    I'm growing 4 feminized snow whites from seed...
    400w HPS light
    FloraNova Bloom nutrients (at 1 tsp / gallon of water currently)
    They were in veg for a month from seed, and now they've been in 12/12 for 8-9 days.


    So! I think it's going well, but there's some yellowing / bleaching on the lower leaves, and I think I might have some heat stress because I have pretty inadequate ventilation...

    I don't know anyone who grows, so I'm flying blind... I would like to get some comments from experienced growers, whether there's anything I need to fix...

    Of course if you want to tell me I'm incredible that works too:smoke:

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  2. what kind of soil?
    whats the ph of the water your using?
    whats the ph of the runoff?
    have you added any sort of nutes yet?

    a stab in the dark.... it looks like you need to add some nutes(my guess is some cal mag)... the plant is eating itself looking for nutes

    take a pic with a different light... so its not that washed out color... its very hard to see the yellowing with a solid yellow plant
  3. I'm just using generic potting soil with some perlite mixed in
    The Ph of my water before nutes is 7.2-7.4
    I haven't been able to test the runoff (a pH meter is currently out of my price range, I bankrupt myself building my grow room!

    and yes, I've been using 5mL of FloraNova Bloom per gallon of water..

    Sorry, can't get a better picture currently, I was borrowing a camera for these pictures. you suggest I add some epsom salt to my next watering? How much?
  4. don't bother with the cal/mag if you don't know what its doing to your water...

    you could just have PH problems... simple, but you will never know without testing...

    [ame=] Milwaukee Instruments pH Pen, PH600: Kitchen & Dining[/ame]

    20 dollars... just get some calibration solution 7.0 and get PH up/down and some storage solution if you can manage it...

    all in all less than 40 dollars, more or less... you need to pull the trigger here man..... if not my link something very similar... hell, use the dropper GH kit.. thats better than snapping a shot with lousy light and asking some people on a forum what to do next

    good luck man... hope you pull it threw
  5. Dude your incredible!!! LOL!
  6. A number of things lead to the red stem I can see, mostly phosphorus check out 'deficiency list' under sick plants, keep in mind u can be givin it all it needs but the ph being off will prevent then from absorbing correctly

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