How are my plants doing?

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  1. image.jpg There about 2 weeks in
    believe the smaller one is a photoperiod strain called champion I got as a freebie
    The other two are super critical autos
    There about 10-14 days old can't remember exactly

    When should I transfer to their final resting area lol #BiggerPots
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  3. I think they look good, I've got some that are about 2 weeks in and they look pretty similar to yours, Mine are in hydro and are getting a pretty decent root system going, I'm sure yours is too. are you using a LED? Just wondering. Hope it turns out good!
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  4. Not bad not bad. What kinda soil you using? The ones that are helmet head, keep those seeds moist so they come of easier or very carefully remove them. Shit can kill babies if they can't open.

    Lost in the Mitten with a fat one rolled.
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  5. I am lol
    Ann lpl

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