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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by strikeitrich, Dec 14, 2002.

  1. I have been growing my plant for about 2months in vegitative state.I got a few seeds from sum pollinated skunk which was crap but i got seeds so its not to bad. I am not sure of the strain but it seems to be strewatching out thinly alot so im guessing a sativa strain ( although im not to sure what this even means) It is my first grow ( i will post a picture when i find that god-damn camera) Heres information about what i am using to grow it
    For my lighting i have a 100watt standard lightbulb ( the type you use to light a room) and about a 3 foot25watt ultra violet light which i just found lying around. Is this enough?
    I water everyday and fert every 3 days or so with miracle grow.
    It has a good enough size plant pot.
    Its grown in my bedroom cupboard, and i can adjust the height of the cupboard as it grows. It is about 60cm tall and so i have just started to flower it. I have had problems with it which i have been unable to resolve through lack of knowledge and resources to fix it. The leaves have crinkled under themselves, if that makes sense.
    I am flowering it with only the 100watt lightbulb on a 12/12 timer. I dont have the UV light on cos i understand that the plant doesnt need much blue light during the flowering stage?

    I have about 10-12 nodes i think ( cant count right now cos its in its dark period so i cant check) i topped it once to bush it out as it was only growing upwards. It is female as it has the white hairs. Is this amount of light enough?

    I will post a pic asap

    thx 4 any replies
  2. tou need alot more light man - I'm amazed it's growing at all... it's stretching because it doesn't have enough light.... get a load of fluros or a HPS/MH - the lights you have are no way near enough dood....


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