How are my laldies doing?

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  1. Hi Everyone:  
    Long time smoker, first time grower...I have these two ladies that are into their 9th week of flowering.  They are bag seeds.  As you can see they are quite different.  I don't know the strain.  One is pretty tall.  She is 22".  I don't know if that's tall for a 9th week of flowering.  The other is only 12".  One is lanky as you can see for the pics.  But the little one is very dense. She is almost like a mini tree.  She has leaves but no branches to speak of.  But a ton of little buds and her leaves are a very rich dark green.  The lanky one has lighter green leaves and the leaves are getting lighter as she matures, which I'm guessing is normal.  My question is regarding the smaller of the two.  Has anyone ever seen anything like this?  Is this normal?  Also, given the size of the plant, is she going to yield anything?  I'm assuming that each plant is different when it comes to harvesting, so I'm just looking for signs.  I'm in no hurry to harvest.  I want to make sure they are truly ready before I do anything.  The "hairs" are still white so I'm guessing I have quite a while yet before harvesting. Any and all comments regarding the ladies is greatly appreciated.  


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  2. Hi folks....Hoping someone would help...Thanks...
  3. You didn't have nearly enough light to grow these. The quality is not going to be good.

    You flowered them pretty early. The tall one is lacking bud sites (again, due to lack of lighting).  I'm not even sure it's a female unless it has the white pre-flowers (stringing white things you see on the shorter plant). Need better pics of the one.
    ok.. now for the good stuff..
    it seems like you might get lucky with the shorter of the two. Looks like it could be anywhere from a quarter to a full ounce (but that's just pulling numbers out my ass).
    Keep flowering the other. You might get a bag out of it maybe. Or maybe I need a better pic (I'm not a super pro anyways; just know some things).
    Get a jewelers loupe or some type of similar magnifier. You know the "dust" when you break down your weed. You're looking for that "dust" and "small hairs" (Not those white hairs. They should shrivel and retract). They're called trichomes. We call it amber, but to make it simple. When you look through the magnifying glass.. look for cloudy/milky white and yellow "droplets" (what it looks like through the glass). That's when you cut it down.
    9 weeks is normal for flowering though. Most strains take around 60 days. Look for the amber trichomes.
  4. Yea more light for sure.  Floros will grow fine bud and decent size but more lights will pump up the bud size.
  5. Thanks guys. Ok I can add more lights. And I will definitely get a good magnifying glass to check the trichomes. I'm not looking for a huge yield. I'm just really looking to see if I will be successful in completing the process and in yielding something. I made a lot of mistakes as a first time grower but I am learning thanks to the helpful people on this site. Once I complete this process I will start again and maybe with all the info I've gotten from this site I will get better results. It's just so weird how two plants could be so different. I have a question. Should I expect the plants to grow taller once I add more lights? Or are the lights just going to make the buds bigger but not taller?
  6. i have to say you did pretty good with that light on the budded ones............but like they said more light.

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