How are my girls looking ? #newgrower

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Salfal, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. Give me your input on my two girls one of them was sick and had cal deff but other than that what do you guys think[​IMG][​IMG]

    This strain is called sweet nurse its a 1:1 thc cbd ratio


    This strain is called strawberry glue which I'm hype af for its small and I already smell it can't wait for them to get huge

    Thanks for all of your input

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  2. Good looking little ones. I'm not a great point of reference though cause this year is my first time growing too! Best of luck. I'll be following you to see how it goes.
  3. You need to back your lights off a few inches. See how some of your leaf edges are starting to curl up? Other then that she looks pretty healthy. Don't worry about those bottom sets of leaves dieing, that's to be expected. Goodluck
  4. I'll deff be following you too best of luck growing

    Yeah I put the light up to 24 inches thanks for telling me : )

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  5. They look healthy and happy. When you post pics, take them under natural lighting. The LEDs give them a purple hue and the color of the foliage is a big deal with these plants. LOL But looks like you're doing a super great job. Have you topped them yet and/or are you going to? Also, backing the light off a bit is going to help them begin to grow up. Plants always grow to the light. The closer the light, the less they have to work. So if you want to get some height on your plant, start to pull your light away a few inches. The closer you keep it right now, the more bushy the plant will end up being. I like to get some height on mine while I'm vegging them, but a lot of how they develop out depends on the strain. The Indica varieties are just naturally more short and bushy. We grow pretty much sativas and they tend to be more lanky and taller. But keep up the great work! TWW
  6. Why are you hash Tagging on GC this isn't twitter yo..
  7. Great Job Bro looks good keep them happy happy happy

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