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How are joints w/o tobacco?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fewch, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. I always use glass and I am not a cigarette smoker so i don't really want to use tobacco. Is it a waste of weed or anything else? Thanks GC
  2. fuck tobacco.
  3. I kind alike it. Try it out its not a waste of weed and youl catch a buzz I mean it isnt going to kill you.
  4. They're delightful... Simply marvolous...
  5. its a different high feeling for the first maybe 10 mins? because if you dont smoke tobacco youll get a buzz on top of the high. i think its alright but the only time ive done it is when my friend rolls them cause he really likes them. i always roll straight herb its the best that way imo. another thing is you could put tobacco at the end of the joint so you know when its beat.
  6. all I really ever smoke now is joints. I have a bowl jst dont use it that often. Plus I find it rather relaxing to roll up a nice fat one. Fuck usin tobacco tho
  7. It should be, how are joints with tobacco, seeing most are rolled without.. >_>
  8. I don't like them with tobacco too much, but it's not bad, that's just my preference. It'll burn slower with tobacco too, so the overall experience is more laid back.
  9. I usually don't with my joints. I smoked a lot of blunts, so I'm smoking tobacco anyway, but I sometimes put a lil in my pipe to keep it lit. but 95% of the time, str8 weed.
  10. if i smoke a joint or a blunt i either use all weed, a mix like 60%weed & 40%tobacco, or put some tobacco in the end to act as a roach, when you hit the tobacco stop smoking.
  11. I dont ever mix baccy in my j's unless its a wrap. If I want tabaccy, Ill light a cig.
  12. don't put tobacco in a joint, thats so gross, smoke weed, the tobacco doesn't do anything but kill you faster.
  13. hmm i always use tabacco because i can conserve weed if i use tabacco plus some of the weed around my way doesnt really burn that good so the tabacco helps

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