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How are edibles?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by boredsmoke, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. So I was considering eating some edibles next weekend (first timer) but I keep hearing the most horrible experiences on the forums when I did a search.

    I have heard of:
    -people thinking they are dying/having a heart attack
    -the effects lasting 3 days
    -people just freaking out
    -severe emotional reactions
    -and other bad stuff

    I only saw one story of a guy who had a great trip, just felt great for 2 days, fucked up, but in a good way.

    So people with experience, is this stuff true? What have your experiences been?

    I was also wondering if edibles are dangerous?

  2. Just make sure you trust your hookup, but they'll blow your mind. I don't know anyone who doesn't enjoy edibles. Its my favorite but least used way of experiencing cannabis.
  3. It lasted me roughly 5 - 6 hours.
  4. Edibles are great, it's almost like a completely different drug. The high lasts typically much longer 6-8 hrs but isn't as strong. Most of those bad experiences were probably just people taking too much. Dosage is a little tricky bc you can't physically see how much jane your consuming unlike when your packing bowls ect. But definitely give them a try, look up a "firecracker" recipe for the easiest way to make edibles.
  5. Ate a kush cookie then went to walmart 30 minutes later and felt pretty fucking high.
  6. If your a first timer be sure you don't eat too much. Idk it you meant first timer with edibles or just first timer.
  7. Only eat a bite or two to start off with and make sure you wait atleast 30 min to eat more. Example, I picked up some brownies from a friend who makes them for clinics. She told me these are VERY strong, only take one bite if you are going to be in public and only eat the whole thing if you want to drool all over yourself at home on your bed. The brownies were tiny little cupcake shaped so I ate the whole thing while walking towards IMAX Avatar 3D showing, BIG mistake, the theater was sold out and I was so paranoid. Thought everyone was looking at me at first, was about to leave then I felt like I was in the movie and couldn't drive home for awhile. I'm no lightweight but edibles are usually strong so use caution and be with good people when ingesting.
  8. One more thing, no one has ever died from OD'ing on weed.
  9. make 2 firecrackers with .5 on each.
    the high is alot longer, will have you stoned for about 6 hours, depending.
  10. ok, next weekend is going to be awesome.
  11. mmm i love edibles. I once ate 3 firecrackers which totaled out to 3 grams of dank before school. Bad idea. 20 mins after eating them i was soooo fucking high. I had to keep taking deep breathes to calm myself down it was terrible. Lol so dont do that. But they are amazing IF MADE CORRECTLY. there are so many ways to fuck up edibles just be sure you know what your doing.

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