How are corporations people?

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  1. I just can't wrap my head around how the supreme court decided that corporations have the same rights as people. I know this happened a while ago but I was recently debating this. I am curious as to what argument was made.

    It just seems like no mater what is argued one could always just fall back on "A corporation can not be a person because you can not throw a corporation into jail if the corporation commits a crime."

    To me at least, I don't see a logical argument around this.

    Does anyone know if they argued it under the U.C.C? If thats the case the Sovereign citizens movement might be on something with this U.C.C being the law of the land after maritime law.(something like that)
  2. Hmm... I wonder what influenced them to think corporations were people.
  3. This is just a shot in the dock, but my guess is corporations influenced them to think that corporations are people.
  4. I'm not sure what reasoning the supreme court used. However corporations are like churches, governments, bands, etc...abstract ideas that symbolize individual people joining together for a common purpose. Corporations are people in that sense.
  5. Because they pay taxes?? Just a guess, Im not really informed on this case.
  6. Corporations were made people by the same constitutional amendment that freed the slaves. Ironic eh? But anyways corporations should not exist they are a fabrication of the state.
  7. Novus Ordo Seclorum is the name of our corporation.

    In God We Trust. We sell war and peace. Business is always good.

  8. Corporations aren't people, they can just afford to bribe the supreme court into telling you that they are people.
  9. Do Corporations have the right to bare arms?? Sounds like a scary deal is so..
  10. u.c.a.
  11. how is this for logical:
    i get lots of money from corportaions and they will take care of me after im not a judge,
    so fuck you, and i dont give a fuck about your rights,
    you dont like it, too bad go cry to mama.
  12. I'm probably gonna get a lot of flack for this, but here goes;

    Corporations are made up of people. Without the people, the corporation could not exist. The individual people that make up the corporation can be imprisoned, but the corp itself cannot for it is simply a building with a Tax ID. The problem is, accountability and diffusion of responsibility. When a corporation gets to a certain size, and something bad is done, it is difficult for the people of said corporation to decide who's fault it is. This is the same with the US govt, and also the same with the citizens. In the govt, when "we" go to war, who's responsibility is it? The president? The DoD? The generals? The funders (us)? The soldiers who pull the triggers? Who? For normal citizens, if you were in a crowded venue, and people started fighting, would you try to break up the fight? Or watch until someone else breaks it up? If you just watch, and one person dies, is it your fault? If this fight had happened in your house while 4 people were there, would you react differently?

    When we live in a system based on infinite growth with finite resources, these are the problems that arise. And I'm not intelligent enough to know what the solution is.
  13. Corporations are chartered by the state, humans exist prior to the state.

  14. I get that it was basically through corruption. I was just curious if anyone knew the actual arguments used.

    By arguments used I don't mean corporation A gives Judge x amount of $$$.

  15. My explanation wasn't sufficient?
  16. East India Trading Co.

    all over again...
  17. for the record...

    legally... i don't want to be a person!!

    look it up. a person in the black's law dictionary is not what you think it is.

    Also.. i'm a human being... look that one up in the law dictionary...
    uh oh
  18. Final scene of the film Fight Club.....
    Thats what should happen to all corporations

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