How are all of you getting robbed..

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  1. just seen like 4 'robbed' threads on here
    how do you let that shit happen to you

  2. People are to relaxed because it's "just weed". A lot of people don't care they're trying to make a move/ get high whatever and people don't fight back they're just like " oh shit they're gone" The 6 P's are applicable in all situations. Piss Poor Performance Provides Poor Results!
  3. They front that money
  4. Because there are people on grasscity who think that if they buy a gram of weed for ten dollars, and it contains .9 gram, they were "ripped off". 
  5. Because no one does shady deals out in the middle of the desert anymore...Back in my day... :cool:
  6. because everyone who posts that shit is either some 16 yr old in high school or a giant pussy. or both. I wouldn't let that shit slide
  7. Because some people are assholes... And some people put too much trust into others. And some people take advantage of others for selfish desires.... And some people are more ignorant than others.
    These are a few of the reasons. People have been getting robbed by other people as long as people have existed.
  8. Try to make deals with shady people. Or hand the money before the weed is shown which is always a no no

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  9. Thats 5 Ps

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  10. You're right I didn't toss in the other Piss before Poor!
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    lol never been robbed but i had a lot of people around my town wanting to rob me, fucking pissed me off them trying to act hard running their mouths saying theyd beat the shit out of that guy , or rob that guy blah blah fucking blah alll talk DO something
  12. ... This has nothing to do with the thread but Pandora just put on gimme the loot by biggie. Not only is that a good song, I found it highly ironic given this topic.

    But Ya.. Carry on and stay lifted

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    I almost put a kid in the hospital the other day because he tried telling me that I gave him my cousins RooR when I was baked. When he saw me pounding on his door he got my friend who was over to bring it out to me. I guess I'm intimidating? XD!

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  14. Because those ppl are underaged kids that dont or cant deal with the problem so they let it go and rant on a weed forum for popularity. Thread closed.
  15. almost didnt put anyone in the hospital. You banging on his door was not even close to that..
  16. Poor decision making.
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    /agree with poor decision making skills. It's not even a matter of being a pussy, don't allow yourself to associate with people who display signs of douchebaggery. Being "robbed" even though it's almost never an actual robbery and the extreme over use of the word Friend are probably my 2 biggest pet peeves for GC .Every couple weeks the definition of what a friend is should be mass mailed to everyone.
  18. The reason kids are getting robbed is because.......

    -they have no reliable contacts they can get weed from whenever they need it
    -they don't know what a gram looks like
    -they don't know how to spot good/ bad product(poorly trimmed vs tight dense buds)
    -they believe their dealer when he says, "this is some amazing rainbow dragon explosion weed i got from a guy. Its fucking sick bro"
    -they don't check the product before handing the money over
    -they buy off people on the streets in desperate search for any cash they can get.(these people dont give 2 shits if u come back mad)
    -they are too stressed and nervous during the deal and let the dealer control the situation. This always ends up in over paying.
    -first time buyers..? Wouldn't think so on here but hey, Google will help them find a way.
    -only have $100 bills and can't get change when buying an 1/8 but are too desperate to find change, therefore they get ripped off. Lol.

    Anyone wanna add to this?

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  19. Idk but it must suck to be a kid.
  20. Indeed

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