how are 33 people viewing this board?

Discussion in 'General' started by UCF-Toker, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. no one has posted in 20 minutes! come on people! maaaan now i gotta go to class. perhaps i'll hop on durin class

    peace ! :wave:
  2. i somtimes come online too high to post.

    I'll start typing and realize how asinine it is then go offline.
  3. all the stoners are sleepin off their great nights they've had....

  4. Not me, im up for the wake and bake. :D
  5. there is no way i'm paying attention today. i'm sitting in class listening to this crazy teacher talk. shes so annoying. happy good friday everyone.

    man next week is my last week and i'm ready to get out of here
  6. My desire to post relies heavily on my interest level in what's been posted. Doesn't seem to be much that interests me in the 'General' forum at the moment... well, except for expressing my reasons in this thread for not posting... :cool:
  7. lol. thats how i am as well. i love when the board is moving fast and you can refresh every 30 seconds and there are new posts. like wednesday at this time when causeigothigh was trolling and going nuts, that was actually entertaining and people were posting a lot
  8. So, UCF-Toker, you've got an internet connection in class? My, how things have changed since I was in college! Back then, I was using the DOS version of AOL on a 900K modem. Posting like this would have taken longer than any one of my classes! Hell, just loading this page would have taken a good 10 minutes! And, even then, I'd probably have gotten bumped from my connection. Must be nice to post while gettin' an education! :D
  9. haha we have high speed wireless on campus. so its nice just hangin out with my laptop posting on the forums not payin any attention to the teacher. there is a program that allows you to take music of people's computers who are runnin iTunes without them knowing and if i get someone close or just at a high speed, i've seen it download a song per second. but most of the time a song every 10 seconds

  10. That's nuts, does that program operate on a Mac too?

  11. So, I'm wrong? You're posting while avoiding an education? Shame! ;) You should be paying attention to the teacher! What class is it, anyway?
  12. macroeconomics. bitch of a class, i think i'll pull through though lol

    look up on google for ourtunes and mytunes redux. i think one of them can run on a mac, maybe both.
  13. they block that shit in my dorms here but last year at KU i had 30 students music to choose from. To bad my hds are full of porn.

    I to love when the forums are flying with new threads and posts. I am a troll and admit it and i hate my roomate.

    peace, the floyd
  14. ^ we should give you trolls leashes. Really strong leashes. Um.. Ha
  15. I am the exact opposite of Tweech's Zone. I rarely shut up. I try to keep a lid on it, honestly, but I can't help myself most of the time. I love to talk. Adding pot to the conversation base be it silly, stupid, or meaningful, just makes it harder for me to zip it up.
  16. Yeah but no awkward pauses...... whoa....
  17. Im just awakening for my wake'n'bake got my tea ready and im going to smoke some bowls. Peas.

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