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How and where do you carry your weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Cainnabis, Nov 13, 2014.

  1. so yeah how do you carry your weed? in dimebags? small jars to stop the smell? (my cousin does this) or do you carry it already rolled? 
    and where like in your trouser pockets? jacket pockets? or do you take further more drastic measures on where its on your person?
    the reason I ask is I reccently got a cannabis warning (I live in the UK and wasnt my fault, was my friends, long story lool) and I want ideas on how to be more discrete (smell wise and incase i do get searched one day) since if i get another one thats a criminal record right there...
    I currently carry rolled spliffs (doesnt smell as much) inside of a small green lazer pen that i take the one battery out of! but maybe theres better ways i could hide my spliffs on me

  2. get a mason jar for home storage. I put mine in the freezer, makes the really sticky icky weed easier to break apart without getting too much resin on your fingers.
    get a prescription bottle for carrying raw bud. 
    if you like to carry around joints, get a doob tube. 
  3. mason jars for home and little med containers (like prescription bottles) that go in my purse when i'm out.. does better than plastic bags but my purse still always smells like dank.
  4. I keep weed at home in a container and weed on the go I keep in a silicone container that's used for bho buts its good to hold bout a gram of grinded. Really small so easy to throw fast and far if need be
  5. mason jars, different sizes... keep it curing, cuz
  6. Fellow UK blazer here :)

    I have mason jars at home. Then I carry smaller jars in my bag (I work away a lot, so almost always have a backpack on) if you're only carrying a gram or two, try using those small glass jars that cafés give you jam in. You can buy them in Asda for like 50p .

    Hope that helps!

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  7. At home I keep it in a nice glass jar, pretty much like a mason jar. Its from Cannafresh so its nice. Then on the go I keep it in an air tight plastic jar that fits in pretty much every pocket.
  8. Rolled in joints in a cigarette pack.
  9. I like all these suggestions...especially the small restaurant jam jar I'm gonna have to pocket
  10. Well the only time it's on me is if I'm picking up. I don't tend to take it with me anywhere. 
  11. so i have these athletic shorts for baseball with a pocket to put a cup. pretty fuckin sweet bro.
  12. I have small glass dram vials i put ground up weed in. Mason jars at home.
  13. One guy has mentioned it but compression shorts or sliding shorts that have a spot for a athletic cup are really nice. Or I just keep the bud in a baggie and tuck it under sack whenever I'm driving or out in public where I feel I have a chance of getting searched. They can pat you down but they can't touch in that area. They can touch inner thighs though so taping a bag of bud to your thigh won't work if you're in that situation.

    I like your idea though with the laser pointer. I've done the same thing with pens. Open them up and take the ink cartridge out and put a j in there and screw the pen back shut.
  14. u should keep a car air freshener in your purse
  15. i prefer dank over pine, thanks. :smoke:
  16. Doob tubes is an amazing product. I didn't expect much from them when I bought them but they surprised me. I have put roaches in them and left it to sit in my room for a few days and not even the slightest smell near it. If you could find a way to disguise it then that'd be awesome. For buds I use a tiny mason jar, it's a little wider than a quarter and fits in my fist. It looks like a baby food container. I have no idea where it came from though, I've had it since I was a kid. It can hold around 2g's.
  17. Airtight jar at home for sure but if I'm walking around with it I'm always a little worried. Even bagged up, if it's potent somebody will probably smell it.
  18. take some of these awesome suggestions instead of carrying baggies my friend so you dont get caught! REAAAAALLLY not worth it
    Holy shit you guys are geniuses!!!!  Im sooo going to get a pair of those and buy some doob tube and put them in there 
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    Mason jar in backpack. Spray backpack once with cologne just to be safe. You need a warrant to open it so your golden.

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