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  1. I’m a new grower and my plants are in final stage.
    So, how to know when it’s the right time to start the flushing process

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  2. Your plants look beautiful, would you mind and explain the flushing process? Ive heard about it before but never actually knew what it was or when to do it.
  3. Man. This is my first grow I read a lot about flushing process but I do not have the experience to tell when it’s the time to start flushing.

    For the record flushing marijuana before harvest can make your buds have better taste

    To flush your plant you are using plenty of pure water to clear and remove any nutrients from the soil.
    So flushing forces the marijuana to use any remaining nutrients. So your buds should be clear from nutrients and this is how affect the taste.

    But my question is how to know when to start this process. My plants are growing bigger day by day
    And I’m in 1 month in flowering.
    My only gut is to just harvest the right time with some quality buds
    I don’t want to screw up 3 months of hard work

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  4. your a while away from finishing yet you need to feed them abit more buddy they are no way near done they seem to be suffering from heat stress too mate :)
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  5. Should I start flushing the next week?

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  6. By the looks of it you still have atleast 4 weeks before you should start thinking of flushing. Post pics again in 30 days. Let thos budz bulk up
  7. Some white hairs has turned to orange [​IMG]

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  8. They all need to be orange and they start curling back to the bud, here is my plant im not gonna start flush for another 2 weeks atleast. 20190519_131527.jpg 20190519_131534.jpg 20190519_131540.jpg
  9. So I start flushing when the 50% of white hairs are orange??

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  10. You are at least a month from being ready to harvest.
    Most strains take 8-10 weeks in flower, so you need to keep track of times.
    Many of don't flush because there is no scientific evidence that it does any good.
    Most side by side tests of flushing I've seen show that flushing does nothing except to starve the plants to death.
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  11. Id say more like 75-90% this was from my last grow just a few days from chop 20190408_123644.jpg 20190418_101659.jpg
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  12. Google "ripe cannabis buds" and look at a lot of pictures.
    Doing that will prove to you that you are far from ready to harvest.
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  13. My strains are autos
    Northern lights and anesthesia
    The plants started produce flowers at 20 April

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