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How and can i get a cannabis club card for insomnia, anxiety, or loss of appitete?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Hix, May 17, 2007.

  1. Well, I'm not trying to get a card if i don't need one, I'm in southern California so i have no trouble getting weed or anything like that or that harsh of laws.

    I have mild insomnia, anxiety and i get loss of appetites and have trouble wanting to eat. Is it possible to get a card for any of these symptoms, oh and i have a.d.d. but i don't know if that matters, i have it on medical record the a.d.d. and insomnia, nothing about anxiety or loss of appetite.

    So how would i go about finding a doctor for it, and how does it work. My friend was saying that the card itself cost money, and you pay for that and the doctor visit? Any info would be appreciated.
  2. California's Proposition 215 allows medical marijuana to be used for ANY serious condition for which marijuana provides relief.
    Find a Doctor.
  3. ahh thank you for the help, so do i just call in and set up a check up appointment and tell the doctor whats wrong, and then hell give me a club card or how does it work from there? my friend was telling me the card itself cost alot of money (100ish)
  4. I recently watched a news segement where this older woman was prescribing marijuana to children with ADD/ADHD. They were gettin' cookies and pot edibles. She said it works wonders; the idea being not to get the children fucked up, but just enough so they can calm down and focus their thoughts easier.
  5. And yes an actual state issued cannabis card is quite costly along with getting your pres. from a doctor, which can range from 60- 175 to get one.
  6. i went to the medical mariguana of america website and prequalified so now what do i do?

    i want to get medical marijuana for my migraines but i don't really have medical records of complaining about it... i used to get headaches a lot and then my doctors figured out i needed glasses and now i wear glasses almost all the time and i still get migraines every few weeks. it's not life threatening or anything at all but when i get the migraines the only thing that helps is smoking.

    i feel like a doctor will think that i'm just making all of this up to get a cannabis card though. any suggestions?


    lol @ post parasite.

  8. lol? :eek:

  9. Wow...

    Please read through the existing posts in this very forum, you will find a TON of information has already been posted, including everything that you need to know about getting your card.

    BTW - bumping a year old thread on ANY forum is considered VERY bad manners
  10. my baaad.

    with the misspelling and the "bumping of a year old thread"

    i still didn't really get an answer but whatev i'll keep looking!

  11. It really doesn't matter if the doctor thinks you are making it up because he doesn't get the money if you don't get the recommendation and he wants the money, like you want the weed.

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