How am i supposed to get acid??

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  1. I am about to cry in frustration. I live in the bay area in California, but its impossible to find an acid hook. All my life ive dreamed just to try this drug. Whats the easiest way to get it or to find someone who sells it
  2. Open you mouth and ask someone
  3. Come to Vancouver, sick hook ups here
  4. Ask who. Random people on the streets
  5. Friends?
  6. Ask the people you get bud from if they know. Otherwise yes, random ass people that look like they like to party.
  7. youre in the bay.
    how hard can it be man.
    ask some hippies.
  8. Isnt it dangerous to get lsd from a random person because it might be a harmful subsitute?
  9. Isnt it dangerous to get lsd from a random person because it might be a harmful substitute?

  10. It's dangerous to double post.
  11. My point is you don't have a choice. You want the drug, you know of no one with it, ask. If it's bunk, shit out of luck. Chances are it would be bullshit before harmful anyway. This is getting hard to believe man.
  12. you wait..the acid comes to you, man

  13. I had to wait a long fucking time, but this is true, haha.
  14. I doubt it, fake acid will probably just be regular paper.
  15. RAVES

  16. If your interested in LSD try Salvia Divinorum first. Its legal and way more powerful than acid ever was. LSD was my drug of choice when I was young but sally d takes you to a whole new level and it only lasts about 5 minutes so in case you get scared and want your mommy you'll be back

  17. I would take this advice very cautiously. Salvia can be much more dissociative than acid, and although salvia doesn't last long, it's effects can be terrifying and down right miserable. I would dose a few hits right now if cid was around, or i could go to the gas station and get salvia extracts right now. Which ids why I won't be tripping tonight or in the near future.

    Think about how big LSD got before legislature was passed making it a scheduled substance. Salvia still isn't (in most states), and I think it could have something to do with it's abuse potential. Many people tried LSD and loved LSD, and did more and more LSD, and told more and more people tried it until the government felt it was a problem. I don't think we will ever see that problem with salvia. It has a limited fan base, as far as regular users go. Many people try it maybe a few times, and are either over it, or never want to go back there again.
  18. It is highly unlikely that you will find adulterants on blotter paper, and if you do it won't even be enough to notice. Blotter paper is small enough to where lsd is one of the few things able to fit onto it in an appropriate dose, as LSD is measured in micrograms which I believe is 1/1,000,000 of a gram. (correct me if I am wrong.)

    Trust me, in Northern California you should have no problem finding acid. Talk to people who look like they would know where to get some, see someone sporting a Grateful Dead tatoo or a Pink Floyd shirt? Chances are he knows where to get some Vitamin A. From my experiences most people who use acid are more than happy to share the sacrament with others.

    Good luck! :wave:

  19. Being in the bay area you should be able to find some, just got to look harder.

    Now me being in houston, i have like a 1% chance of finding someone. I was pretty sure I would find some at umphreys mcgee, but no luck.. asked at least 10 people who looked like they would know where to get it/have some. Everyone that I'v asked that has experience with it say it impossible to find any here and I'd have to go to Austin to get some doses.

    So to anyone pushing acid, send some to Houston!
  20. If you don't have anybody you can ask(you should) or everyone you've asked has said they don't know where to get it then just go to the haight.

    Find the first guy who isn't insane but seems in to psychedelics and just ask, at worst he'll say he can't do that for you or that he can't get any. But most likely every person you ask will bring you a step closer i.e. I don't know man, I don't touch that stuff but maybe if you were to go two blocks that way and turn left down that corner...

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