How am I lookin? 2 and 1/2 weeks old - CFL's

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  1. Title says it all. First grow, 2 and a half weeks old. 24/0 light schedule with 8 bulbs for 208W total worth of CFL's. One plant.. Yes, I know, but its the only sprout I had, and a test grow until I buy seeds online. (did first fim 2 days ago)

    Check it out, tell me what you think.

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  2. I like it!!!!!!! :hello:
  3. Right behind ya. 36 hours into germinating and 3 seeds looking perfect. Good looking grow.
  4. Are the second set of leaves burnt at the tips from the lamp (pic 3)?

    Looks great man! Keep us updated.
  5. Yeppers....looks like a bit of light burn. Not too big of a deal with CFL's since the intensity isn't as strong as HID--you definitely want them as close as possible without getting anything crispy. Looking good so far. Keep us posted.
  6. yea a tiny bit but nothing that will hurt, looking good pray for female dude. good luck with your grow
  7. If you put a fan blowing across your CFL you can literally put it inside the plant and it will not burn the tips. Even without a fan you can put it 1/2" - 2" away depending without any issues. I run 16x23w soft white bulbs and they produce a good amount of heat.. without any fan blowing I keep them about one inch from the tallest branch..

    Anyway I would suggest moving your light even closer =) But it's looking really good so far. Pictures plz!
  8. looks pretty good! im doing a similar thing with my plants i got 4 cfl light bulbs from home depot 2 cool ones and 2 warm ones or what ever, iv got them pointing into 2 party cups with bag seeds while i test out my setup (since its my first attempt). One of the seeds has already poped out of the soil over night and has leaves and looks like it should grow well. Cant wait for 2 and a half weeks from now! looks good man
  9. That's amazing for 2.5 weeks.

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