How am I gonna bang this girl?

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  1. :mad:

    This girl is comin to the shore with me for 4 days. Thing is it's my mom and step dad, me and her and my brother all styain in 1 hotel room. my brother on the pullout couch, mom nd step dad in another bed, nd me nd her in one bed. How the fuck am I supposed to get it in? in the pool?
  2. yell 'CABS HERE' and thrust it up in her
  3. there wont ever be a time where yur familys outta tha house
  4. fuck on the beach. make sure you dont get sand in her vagina
  5. Omg night beach sex?
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    Lmfao that will get your parents to not notice you thrusting for about .5 seconds lmao
  7. ever heard of a screamin seagull? :ey:
  8. Well if my mom and step dad go to a bar or something... my brother will dip because he'll know what's up. He's cool as fuck. Idk though... maybe could fuck her quietly under covers hahahhaah idfk

  9. yeah dude. i mean you could do daytiime sex but thatd be weird. i bet there are hella pervs and kids on the beach.

    but seriously if you get sand in her Vajayjay she will be a grump for life. or atleast until she gets the sand out of her coochie

  10. Please explain in detail :ey:
  11. Go to the smush room

  12. Well if she's havin sex with me I'm sure she'll wash it out by the end hahaha what
  13. [​IMG]
  14. Most hotels have stairwells on the sides of the building. Do it there, it will add a bit of voyeur to the whole scenario as well
  15. I don't know, you're Will Smith. You'll figure something out.
  16. hahaha:smoke:
  17. You could always get your own hotel room.

  18. Nah I don't wanna pay for tht bro... I wish I had my own car atm cause I would drive home n bang her lol
  19. Oh COME on. You can't tell me you've never been sneaky before? :)

    Take a long shower, make sure its loud and play your iPod. Go to the pool, go to the spa if the hotel has one. Stairwells. Your car! Tell your parents you're going for a walk and find a bench, fuck on an alley wall, wait for your family to leave for one day and act like you guys don't feel good and screw the entire time they're gone...

    .... Yep.

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