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  1. Hey growers, A friend and I just started growing and we have 15 nice, healthy plants growing. BUT.... I believe I need more light to make these babies happy, I am just not sure how much. I am going to post some pictures of our entire set up, and I want some serious feedback. We have only six fluorescent bulbs running for all of these plants, its about 6000 lumens total, and I know damn well that is not enough to keep them healthy and complete the harvest for mid summer. In the picture I attached the plants are three weeks old (taken yesterday). they are healthy however they are growing slow. I have moved the lights further down, and closer to the plants since I took that picture, but there is only so close I can move them because the light needs to reach all of the plants... so basically, give me some feedback, ideas, and whatever else, this is my first post, so I do not know what to expect. thanks guys!

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  2. Your stems are way to scrawny. Run a fan over them. I had that problem and the fan really helped out alot. Can you move the light closer to them? It seems awfully far away for them.
  3. Well the general consensus is that you need 100 actual watts from CFL's for the first plant and 50 extra for each additional plant. So yeah, you need more light.
  4. You need bigger bulbs, and more of them. I would suggest 42W (ACTUAL wattage, not incandescent equiv.) or bigger. Seedlings can get away with fewer watts, but either way the plants should be 1 to 3 inches from the lights. The lights you have *might* grow 1 plant if you get them close enough, but it would be a low yield. You need a bare minimum of 5000 lumens per square foot. Check out the stickies.
  5. Careful with your light that far away from babies, they can over stretch and die.:[
  6. Hey guys, I really cant move the lights too much closer, I just moved them to about six inches away but I need more lights to make sure the outside plants dont grow sideways, I just put a fan on them, so that should help. also, how much is it per bulb for 42 watt flourescents, I cannot find them online but I know they are in stores nearby.
  7. If you cant move the lights closer, move the pots closer to the light. This can be done with an old text book or something

    check out if you want grow specific bulbs, but I think the home depot ones work ok.
  8. you can't be serious, or you didnt look.

    google showed me 300k results with links to buy right there on the first page.
  9. Sorry ggrower, I meant on the home depot and lowes web sites, but I have found some online.

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