how am i doing?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by sistamulan, May 27, 2004.

  1. hi there(s), great community!

    i'm a first time grower, my pot is 3mths old and is placed by the window with a flourescent on 24/7. it looks like it's growing rapidly height wise, but leaves and branches are still pretty sparce looking. when i surf the net i saw many photos of pot that look really dense, will my pot ever get to that point?

    here the URL with a few photos:

    thanks for your time an advice.

    p.s. sid, your site is very resourceful, thanks!

  2. you need to put the light on a 12/12 light schedual
  3. not too terrible for a window grow, but it loks like you've got a sativa there, the thing with them is they love to grow tall, like over 6''ll be a lot more difficult to grow it at the window, and for flowering, it'll need a room to keep it dark........either get an HPS and a room at approx 8' tall to flower it in............or.........depending on location, i.e. time of year, plant it outside and let mother nature flower it for you........but that does depend on hours of daylight per day for that..........Peace out..........Sid

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