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  1. Im psyched, after 9 weeks of vegging and i have three..yessss! three out of 4 girls.I posted here a month ago with some pics and a question about ferts.Toasty i been watchin you, you deserve the rep bro.Here are my updates my friends.Here is Jessica who has not shown sex yet and honestly is worrying me a bit cause i think she might be hiding her balls.
    And here is Melanie who is an absolute cutie.She blushes in the wind and i caught a pistil in my view.
    She is pretty aint she.Coming up the catwalk for you to see next is Angelia_Ivey.She was the very first to sprout and never complained not once.I can abuse her and she likes it.
    ..last but not least is the runt.My curiosity with dwarves maybe..hmm..Lil Nikki has kinda been hiding in the shadows of her sisters.Im pulling for her tho.
    I kinda know where i wanna go from here.This is my first true grow so wish me luck my friends.And Much luck for you.BOLIAYE! (Best of luck in all your endeavors)
  2. 'Sup dude :wave:. those ladies look excellent, +rep man :D, you're gonna have monsters. Time to switch em and watch the magic happen. keep us posted bro. peace, e :bongin:
    p.s what is the strain?
  3. have you switched to 12/12 light cycle? if not, you should. they are big enough and you'd probably get a pretty good yield out of them.
  4. Great minds think alike ;). peace, e :bongin:
  5. yes they do eyeslikedonuts. you rock!
  6. Your plants look great. However I would swtich to 12/12 ASAP or your plants are going to get way too big!
  7. I would flower too, good thing they aren't hydro or else you'd be lost in a jungle my
  8. Thanks guys..yes, they are basking in the warmth of a 400w hps for 12 short hours a day.Since three have shown sex.(Angelia_Ivey for a week now).I hope they dont get out of hand.(Yes i do)
  9. bump for a friend

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