How am i doing. Flowering plant(pics)

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  1. Hello fellow growers. Well i have been growing G13 labs posion dwarf on my window sill, and it has been flowering for roughly 2 weeks. I am a noob at this, and wanted to attempt a autoflower strain before i move up to a diffrent non auto flowering strain. Anyways my question is, how am i doing so far. Thanks

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  2. Can't really judge size from those pics but the trichome (crystal) formation is good for 2 weeks. Are the hairs orange already? They should be white until the last few weeks of flowering.

    Good luck :)
  3. How old is the plant, looks young to be flowering doesn't it? I am a huge noob tho
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    fynch:eek:nly a few hairs has turned slightly orange. but other than that most of them are white. thanks

    reefer: it is small to tell you the truth, but it is an autoflowering plant, so thier no controlling the veg time

    oshgosh: to tell you the truth i dont know lol. i germed them and threw them in soil. I did not think i would get this far. They went in roughly sometime in May
  5. i have teh same strain and yours looks very light deprived. mine is much bigger and happier looking than yours.
  6. They look kind of sad really, it could use way more love.
    You treating that bitch like some ol whore, or step child. :D
    Red headed step child on a budget. :laughing:
  7. LMFAO. to tell you the truth guys. i threw them in the pot. and left the pot on the window sill. i figured if its an auto strain then it wouldnt really need that much light. but now i know for next time

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