how am i doing? almost 6 weeks, how much more till harvest

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  1. this baby went through a lot... dropped cfls on her more than once, then right before flowering i completely dropped her from the 5 gallon pot she was in face first on the ground with all the soil falling out and crushing her pretty bad....

    collected the soil with my hands as best as i could and enough for a 2 gallon pot she is in now... thought she would be dead but somehow she made it through...

    currently, almost 6 weeks into flowering

    feeding her tiger bloom with gallon of water every 3-4 days

    she is under 6 26watt cfls and 1 40 watt cfl

    when do you think she will be ready to harvest?

    i know i need to check the trichs but im just asking generally, judging from the pics, when do u think she will be ready?

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  2. it is just a weed fairly hardy plants about 2 to 3 weeks give or take like you said watch the trichomes but if the trichs are about ready and the calyx havent swollen wait a couple more days
  3. you said 2-3 weeks, any reason why its not 1-2 weeks? i'm not impatient, got all the time in the world, but want to know if there are certain way a plant looks when it is 1 week vs 2 week vs 3 weeks away?
  4. I'd say 1-3 weeks, she has fairly fat indica-like leaves, Indica plants are usually ready around 7-9 weeks. If you live in the US, Radioshack has a great pocket microscope for around $10 that works perfectly to check the trichomes.

    420th post! :smoke:
  5. any guesses on the yield this plant will bring?
  6. Hard to say...about a dry ounce i would say
  7. I'm sorry fir the random question but you grew that using just 6 26w cfls'? I have the same light setup and I didn't know that was possible. Good job!! Post some pics and tell us what you get for a yeild.
  8. 1 dry ounce would be real nice... i will def let you guys know...

    yes, i am using 6 26watt cfls and 1 40watt cfl on top for flower

    during veg i did only 4-5 26watt cfls and from what i read about cfl grows, they say you can grow 1 plant using a minimum of 100watts (4 x 26watt) so since i have 6 of them and 1 really strong one on top it should def be possible, right?
  9. I would have to assume, yes. But you can never be too sure.
  10. Yeah you def. have to keep us posted. I am really interested to see wht kind of yields you are going to be getting as well. I plan on using all CFLs for my grow and am hoping to have 12x26 watts and maybe 2x42 watts for the sides and underfoilage etc. With this I was hoping to be able to have 2 plants in my grow space, but it all depends.

    Most of the CFL grow-logs I've seen on here just seem to dissappear before harvest. So I have yet to get an accurate feeling for the yields depending on # of CFls etc.

    What kind of strain is that? Or is it bag seed?

    What kind of grow cab do you have? And I know you said its been 6 weeks of flowering, but how long did you let it veg for?
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    I vegged for about 6 weeks, was going to do 5 weeks but around 5th week i crushed the shit out of this plant so i gave it one week to come back to life...

    after the accident she went from a 5 gallon to a 2 gallon container... i destroyed probably 1/3 to 1/4 of it in the accident...

    vegged in Rubbermaid container, 2 of them stacked on top of each other, but when it started to flower i moved her to my attic in 2x5x5 box wrapped up in mylar and gave her more lights.

    it is bagseed but came from some real good weed, lol

    i did not do any lst

    overall i have to say that CFLs definitely do work but i am vegging 10 new plants right now in a 7x7x7 room with 600watt MH light and there is a huge difference... 10 plants where under under like 10 cfls for the first 2 weeks, growing pretty damn slowly. 2nd day under the 600 MH light they exploded, never seen such a growth sprout and it would not be possible with cfls...

    so, if you can even get a 100 or 200 watt mh light it would probably be worth it but "12x26 watts and maybe 2x42 watts for the sides" will still def work for 2 plants.

    will keep everyone posted on the yield.

    BTW, does anyone know a link to a a webpage that shows weekly pictures of a marijuana plant from beginning to end (or just in flower) so I can see on what basis people say that I need 2-3 weeks more instead of 1-2 weeks more... plus it would be a cool reference..
  12. Thanks for the info.

    As far as a grow log in pictures of sort, I suggest you try your favorite torrent site for "buds 4 less" by "Seemore Buds". Its a pretty good, very visually oriented, grow log/journal/how-to of sorts. Anyway it has pics of the buds all the way from seedlings to harvest.

    Hit me if you need more info on getting it.

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  13. 2shared - download Marijuana Buds For Less.pdf

  14. thx for the link, its an excellent read...
  15. 5 days later picture update

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  16. Lookin' killer!
  17. Wow She Looks Great Dude! Keep it up and keep us posted i wanna see this babys dried buds!!:D
  18. check out my thread, 'america', i'm currently in week 6 flowering my plant. I have only used 2 23 watt cfl's. The one thing i am noticing about little light is that it seems to take longer to bud, and that the plant has really stretched. I'd say you have at least 3 weeks left, but considering all the damage that has been done, i'd say you're pretty lucky!!
  19. only 2 23watt cfls? wow, that is very little light man, i wonder what results you are going to have...

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