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  1. Little one is a bubblicious but it's an auto. Are there different lighting schedule for auto's?? I looked it up but, as you all probably know, there is a lot of contradicting shite on the internet.

    The other two pics are a bagseed plant. At this point I'm guessing it's sativa dominant because it's 25" in height and is taking off. It grows an 1 inch to an and a half inches every 2 days. It started flowering at 17". What can I expect for total height?? :confused:

    I only have space for a few plants so, since I have an autoflower veg plant with a flowering reggie, what can I expect?

    P.S.: They are about a month apart in age.
  2. here they are

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  3. Yes there is a different lighting schedule. An auto flower plant does not require more night time hours to start flowering. They are bred that way by design so they flower in a shorter amount of time from seed. If you give them the 12 hrs of light like you would a photo period plant you will have a smaller yield out of the auto flowering plant. You need like 18-20 hours a day of light for autos. And 12 hrs of darkness to induce flowering in a photo period plant.

    Your other plant should grow to about three times the height (pending on the strain) when introduced to flowering. Not all will get that big, my last round I flowered my blackberry plants at 18" as I do all my plants and it only reached 24" in height.

    If I were you in your situation I would just let the auto stay in the flower room if that is your only light source. Either way you do it you risk a short yield. I would take the smaller yield off an auto and larger yield off the photo, if you crank up the light hours for the auto the photo plant will reveg which if your goal is buds will put you two more months out to any kind of harvest. Which would most likely have a smaller yield after reveg.
  4. First pic is over watered. Or seems to look that way.
  5. Wontyalisten i am doing about the same thing and i am running into similar problems. I have two bag seed i started a month or so ago and i just started six auto a week ago. Two different light cycles witch do i keep. lol Have you decided?

  6. Thx all, I think I'm gonna just roll with what Mixted said. It seems logical at this point since my only real risk will be a low yield at worst so, I'm gonna keep my 12/12 going with the 1000W HPS.:)
  7. Update for this grow if anyone is still interested.

    Big one: Bagseed

    Bushy one: Bubblicious

    Little one: Venus Fly trap:wave:

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  8. Wow !!! Your plants look like they are doing great. The taller one looks loaded , what's up with your auto must be a week or two from finish?
  9. Yea man.... I had problems getting a pic of the bubblicious on here because this site doesn't let you load the same pic twice and I'm too braindead to figure out how to re-post. But, 'loaded' is a good word for it. It's seriously like one big cola all the way up the stem. It smells slightly schwaggy but, hey.... it was a freebie. The little one there just started flowering and I'm curious to see it's phenotype.
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    The big one looks like it's 2 weeks from from harvest and the auto probably has about 4 more. How are yours turning out?
  11. Well this is my first time growing indoors and I think everything is going well , the plants may think different though. I currently have soooooo many things going on l like to make a lot of work for myself. I always seem to find myself spending a lot of time moving things and trying to if e tune everything. I currently have 3 purple Ryder's in flower 1 bagseed I started to flower yesterday also one Hog seed ,two White Russians and three ultra lemon haze auto that's it!!! My girlfriend thinks I have to much going on! And she is right again! So how did your auto turn out?
  12. The auto is very foliate and it has a sweeter smell. I well get a picture on here tomorrow for sure. I can tell it's going to be a good one though. It has been under a 12/12 it's entire life and is at 27 inches now with flowers all over and leaves galore. Much bushier than my bagseed.
  13. Here is the bubblicious

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  14. I had a similar pheno of bubblicious back in the day..

  15. that thing's rad. I hope i get the pink colors later on.
  16. Im sure you will.. all the phenotypes I ran seemed to have a nice bag appeal with nice color.

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