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  1. I'm from another forum that has a similar format to GC… Some time ago we had much to do cuz the Shark Tank was closed… You guys have a Pandora's Box here and it seems pretty slow comparatively speaking of course.

    Since I enjoy debating… my question is…Are there any heated debates here at all, and if so where can I find them?

    Secondly, I'd like to know the GC's community. So would you please share a lil something about yourself that's not too personal.

    I've been at OG for a year now and have meet many interesting people I'm fond of. But that's another book, and this shall be the newer one. So what do you like to do other than Toke and grow?

    I'm here because.... lol Ehm...I'm here for a very long while. All I can tell you is that I got in trouble (NOT with OG Admin or TOG, but with...) for starting a thread where the OG Gurlz were able to post pic's of themselves as natural as the day they were born. Admin gave permission for that.

    The thread reached over 20,000 views in less than 48 hours!
    Erm...moving right along...

    I've come here to debate and to behave as long as I can. Let me warn you that I'm not very patient, if you know what I mean.

    So, once active is GC AND what are your interests aside from Grow'n and Tok'n?

    Den Activist :D
  2. Well compared to overgrow we are a lot smaller, but we also exist fewer years than overgrow does, also overgrow is specialised in growing where our members are more on anything that has to do with enjoyment of smoking. We grow steadily and what we value most are members who actualy have to say something and want to share there expereince, the mods and admins always react very fast to rants , hate posting or plain bullshit, that's what keeps the quality of this board so high imho.

    Peace and welcome


  3. I'm up for some spirited debate as long as it doesn't get bitter :)
    Really I've seen very little around here get deleted or anything, usually the stuff that gets nixed the fastest is spam or something blatantly offensive. Other than that they're a lot less restricted than a lot of other places. I wouldn't compare it to Overgrow or because it serves a somewhat different purpose.
  4. Thanks for the info guys... I noticed when I've been here there have only been a few online with me...but I suppose some are on invisible mode.

    Wanna strike a good debate topic? I'm game :evil smile:
  5. den.. you ask about any interest other than growing or smoking, and i may speak for the others when i ask,

    -what else is there?-

  6. I've seen the shark tank at OG many times and you won't find that here. The mods at this place promote peaceful and happy discussion on all topics. All our welcome at this 'City but we do require all cowboys to check thier sidearms at the sheriffs' office.

    But if you want a nice debate, there are plenty offf folks here that are game: more evil smile!
  7. Awh…er….I wouldn't say ALL the tank debates were ugly… The really ugly ones were the ones that consisted of ONLY personal attacks on the person, rather than on his/her opinion. I do like a spirited debate, as long as we can shake hands when all is done and continue as if nothing ever happened. I just can't hold a grudge when someone is brave enough to show me the light.

    Since you guys are more seasoned than I, strike a good debate and I will make sure I get First Class ticket and join in the fun. It's just that…lil old me don't know what you bigger boys are up to. ~_~. I'm just a tad bit shy on here…but don't worry, as I get used to the place, I might just have to put down my panties when I hot under the collar and show you my stuff-for effects that is. ^_~

    Den Activist :D
  8. We don't mind a seasoned debate when the debate is justified.

    However, we do not tolerate heated debates solely for the purpose of heated debating here at the 'City. There are other sites out there for that purpose.
  9. Ok, question... what do YOU consider a heated debate?

    I mean there ARE debates that are heated and expressed with passion and not there be a bad word in it not even ONCE!

    So... what is a heated debate and what is not?

    Example of debates that will arouse passion.

    Pro Choice vs. Pro Life
    Affirmative Action
    The Bible and it's contents
    God vs. No God

    So, what is a good debate? Is it one where WE ALL think alike?

    And what constitues a bad debate IF it is not one were we ALL think alike?
  10. A heated debate is a heated debate. No matter what the subject

    All I'm telling you is that we mods here at the 'City DO NOT TOLERATE antagonizing posts or remarks that can be considered inflammatory. If it seems a member is out there inciting debates just to start fights, Superjoint, the webmaster is notified ASAP, so he can deal with them as he see fit.

    Enjoy your time here and remember you are welcome to talk about any subject you want. Just don't start any fights.
  11. Well that's the problem babe… how can I debate when I don't know what will be considered inflammatory?

    I suspect you are a Moderator so therefore I asked. Again I ask, would be inflammatory?

    I know that racist, sexist remarks would be/should be considered inflammatory, but I've seen pics here that expresses a sexist tone to it and they are still posted. So before I can start a debate, which is a verbal intercourse on a specific subject matter, in an effort to learn more of the subject matter AND those expressing their views, I would need to know what constitutes a “heated” debate.

    And I understand about NOT TOLERATING stuff... I mean OG is rather strict with the AGE of it's members and it seems to be lax here... and it seems as if the Tolerance factor in re to post may have something to do with the kiddies posting here? Is that it? I'm really lost about with all this. :confused:

    I'm not looking to give you more work then you can handle, should the debate become popular, but I just need some specifics to know my limits and not have the thread closed right in between the good stuff.

    I mean, if this site is just for a go with the flow'r, then let me know. I don't go with the flow too often, but then again I respect everyone's opinion. But they have to respect mine too. ;)

    So please… tell me what I can NOT talk about.

    Den Activist
  12. Just relax.. you'll like it here :smoke:
  13. phunkyphil, thanks for the making me feel comfortable.

    Much appreciated.

  14. You can talk about any subject you want, but when you start making trouble or starting fights, you will be banned before the sun goes down. Period. Simple. End of Discussion. No Appeal.

    This site is not OG nor is this site Yahooka, and it will not become either one of those two site.

    I don't feel that you are unwelcome at this site. i am glad to have any and all members here and you will betreated with respect by all. If you feel that anyone here is unfairly targeting you, send me or any other mod a PM and we will come to your defense.
  15. Not everyone agrees on everything so we have differences of opinion here. Those differences can lead to debates and that's cool. Debates can end up enlightening people, which is even cooler. The only thing that really isn't tolerated is aggressive personal attacks. We're like a family here and we learn from each other and we have respect for one another.

    If I can find a thread that was closed for such reasons so that I can show you an example, then I will. They really are few and far between though.

    As far as how active we are...I think we could be more active. I would like to see a forum added simply for activism so that we could get more people involved in the cause. There are so many things to do to invoke change but many don't know what they are and how to go about it. I send out emails, letters and make phone calls to the reps all the way up the totem pole on a very regular basis. I get involved with petitions and attend any events going on for the cause. I print out flyers with the truth and put them up everywhere. I do everything that I can and if we did have a forum to organize our efforts then we could quite possibly come together as a whole and make a huge difference.

    Anyway, you'll be fine here, Den! No worries! :)

  16. You are soooo sweet :D

    Ok guys.. how about a debate, for enlightenment purposes in re to Legalization vs. Decriminalization of MJ?

    If a debate will start, I guess it we should honor the cause which we are fighting for, first.

    Would someone start the thread or should we do it here?
  17. talking about talking about
  18. So what do you think, sensimil? Should weed be legalized or decriminalized? ;)
  19. This looks like job for *TGN*hehe
  20. Ya know it :D

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