How absurd is this?

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  1. :laughing:

    They're saying that Cinnabon is anti-Christian? But I love Cinnabon!

  2. its how you eat it?;)

    in loo of getting banned i will limit my reply to this tid bit.

    i was athiest. but the gov saw fit to put athiesim on the list of religons. yeah, they have made atheisim into a religion in name. so now i put "realist". and again, in loo of getting banned i cant tell you what i say when they ask what it means. jaws go agape needless to say and security has been called.
  3. even better, possibly, though, is the banner at the bottom. i got this:

    read the hiscores haha "level: super easy" "yay! we finally did it!"
  4. what an awful website. how can people be soo deluded and still function in our modern world?

  5. i second that
  6. Ok first off i just want to say what kind of freaking retarded Nazi is running that web site?

    that is the most bullshit I've ever seen, creationism is just a strait lie(theres proof everywhere) and it should NEVER be presented to a child as fact this sort of stuff should be destroyed along with the nazis that made it.

  7. It's funny how you termed all of that. The Nazi's were the ones who wanted to destroy opposing ideas. They are the ones who burned the books.

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