How absurd is this?

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  1. The people who started this site should be killed, so no one ever has to listen to this trash. I dont know if the site is real or whatever, maybe they are just trying to level people, check it out.
  2. If you find an Atheist in your neighborhood,

    You may be moved to try and witness to
    these poor lost souls yourself, however
    AVOID TALKING TO THEM! Atheists are often very grumpy and bitter and will lash out at children or they may even try to trick you into neglecting God's Word.
    Very advanced witnessing techniques are needed for these grouches. Let the adults handle them.

    Straight from the site, lol!!!!!!!
  3. Fuck Jesus

    Completely uncalled for. You've been warned before about your posts - TokinBlue

  4. Um, excuse me?
  5. rage, dont be that way, because you're stepping down to their level. If you feel you theory on religion is corerect just keep it to youself, like everyone should. i just wanted to point out how terrible christianity has gotten in my opinion. To me, they seem more dangerous then muslim extremist.
  6. Oh man, I'm seriously getting such a kick out of this site.

    They have an article "proving" that dinosaurs survived the "flood" 4,000 years ago and are still alive and well in Africa....:D

    This site is absoultely ridiculous...

    You would have to honestly be a child to believe any of that stuff.

    Their picture of a dinosuar as "proof" is the best out of it all.

    Thanks for the link and the laughs.
  7. I may be wrong here, but I think the site offends you as a christian because thats exactly what its supposed to do.

    It is VERY absurd, almost too absurd, and one might say....perfectly absurd, dont ya think?
  8. I read the head guy's stuff and he seems pretty serious.

    He's writing a book on how the dinosaurs were destined by god to survive the flood....:D

    ^^Can you imagine all the research that's going to go into that book....

    And by research I mean pure speculation/false information.
  9. OMG, these people need mass murdered irl.

    LOL, read the one about tears, HES SOOOOO STUPID it makes me want to cry, literally.

    UH OH i might have proved him right by crying out of anger for him. OW I poked my eye, that hurt, its all wet now, whats this?

    Did anyone of you see this at the bottom?

    Please visit the following good Christian business:
  10. did you guys know the earth is 10,000 ears old, LOLLLL

  11. "The current Flag of the United States of America (for the benefit of non-Americans and poorly educated Public School graduates). While beautiful, an ignorant foreigner might mistakenly suspect we were Astrologists or some sort of Stripe Fetishists instead of proper Christians. "

    .....woooooo I'm a stripe fetishist
  12. "Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort of Way Of The Master Ministries managed to infiltrate a coven of Druids [Druid segment removed; see update below] and secretly record their creepy full-moon rites with hidden-camera glasses. Kirk and Ray narrowly escape unsacrificed when one of the Druid High Priests suspects Kirk of taping their conversation. By God's grace, Kirk was able to trick the High Priest into thinking he wasn't on tape. Listen as the High Priest -- speaking freely and without the normal subterfuge that characterizes Druidism -- explains how their false, Occultic religion is steeped in licentiousness and a complete lack of Christ.

    Do not attempt a Druid infiltration on your own! Kirk's excellent acting talents allowed him to dodge a potentially dangerous situation, but you may not be so lucky. My many years of experience have taught me that Druids can be very dangerous if confronted. If you suspect Druidic activities in your neighborhood, contact your Church and have them send a team of trained Occult investigators to assess the situation and, if Druids are discovered, suggest a course of remediation -- which can be as simple as cutting down the trees the Druids worship, or may involve more intense forms of Spiritual Warfare such as exorcism or prayer-circling a coven meeting.

    UPDATE (Jan 18, 2007): For those of you writing to ask why the link to the Way Of The Master Radio segment above doesn't contain anything about Druids, the answer is because the Druid segment was removed from the rebroadcast (it originally appeared at the 3:40 minute mark of the broadcast). From what I can gather, some listeners tried to imitate Kirk's infiltration and wound up being assaulted with tree branches. Ray Comfort decided it was best to pull that segment from their site to avoid encouraging any of their listeners -- among whom are many spiritually unprepared individuals turning to WOTM for guidance -- to endanger themselves. Again I reiterate: Do not attempt a Druid infiltration on your own! Leave this sort of work to knowledgeable Occult experts and professional actors with improv training who can sooth irate Druids when things get dicey.

    In hind sight, WOTMR should have prefaced their segment with a warning not to attempt this. Since my readers are more aware of the dangers of Satan's minions and have been properly cautioned, here is an abridged copy of the segment (4MB "MP3" file) for study.

    [Please note: Way of the Master Ministries, Ray Comfort, and Kirk Cameron are not associated with OBJECTIVE: Ministries. Audio reproduced for fair use educational purposes only. If you have any questions about their infiltration techniques, please address them to Way of the Master Radio.]"
  13. I am entertained by the fact that their mascot is a sheep.

  14. " * J.C. Penny - The J.C. makes us think of Jesus Christ, thus associating our Lord with the lowest monetary value, the penny (even Judas valued Him at 30 pieces of silver!).
    * Sears - What the flesh of the damned does in Hell. It also sounds like "seers", Pagan mystics who engaged in occult premonitions.
    * Cinnabon - Sounds like "Sin Upon".
    * Orange Julius - Named for the Pagan Emperor of Rome. This company's mascot was once a devil, until they changed it to hide their true intentions.
    * Hot Topic - A recent store aimed at children that openly sells devil paraphernalia. Any guess as to why "hot" is in their name?
    * Hallmark Gold Crown Stores - Purveyors of Santamas tree ornaments depicting anthropomorphized woodland creatures (reference to Evolutionism) and Harry Potter merchandise. What notable person will have a mark and wear crowns? [Rev. 13:16, 13:1]

    This site is GOLD.
  15. LOL this site is full of laughs.
  16. This site is completely sick, and offensive.

    How they bash wiccans and druids, claiming we sacrifice humans and animals...

    FUCK THEM! It just makes me lose more 'respect' for christians..sorry guys but your guilty by association
  17. Theres a picture of a kid touching Jesus ass.... Also theres one that says "All your base are blong to Jesus. I highly doubt this is a site to be taken seriously or offensively if it is though its pretty fucked up.

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  18. damn why was it moved here =( lol At cinbuns = sin upon. LOLERSKATES.

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