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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Big Poppa Puff, Jan 28, 2003.

  1. Plant, 2 weeks into Flowering.
    Multiple shoots coming off the main stalk.
    Some leaves on one stem, and on at least one leaf at each node of the stem.
    Leaves turning yellow on the edge, but not the tip, and also turning yellow in the middle of the leaf.
    Hydro grow.

    What makes just a few of the leaves on one stem turn yellow?
  2. could only imagine lighting? of sorts?
    but then again i have never grown hydro..
  3. micro nut's prob

    or too salty water
  4. I am pretty sure that I know what it is, just wondering if anybody out there can get it right.Woody after looking at the overgrow pics, the leaf looked like the pH fluctuations.

    The key to the problem is it only affected one stem off the stalk, everything else is fine and dandy.

    Here's some more info, the problem started up after a pH adjustment to bring the reservoir down to the optimum pH. A couple days after that, the reservoir was filled with plain tap and then the pH dropped down to 4.2.

    I believe after adding acid to the reservoir, some of it got on a root section and never got into the water. Then after the water level rose, the excess acid washed off and then buffered down the reservoir. So, could a single root getting hit with a few drops of phosphoric acid and then not getting washed off, turn just a few leaflets of one stem yellow?
  5. HIGH All, that's what I was thinking...maybe the stem somehow broke or as woody says "fracture". Then your theroy sounds good too.

    You mentioned maybe some acid came into contact with roots. That shit it'll do major damage to the roots, can't you take the plant out when you do your adjusting (unlees they're to big).
    It's one of the main reasons the plants go to another bucket till I have done my change. It sounds like a pain in the ass and is but it's worth it in the long run, you don't hurt (stress) your plants. I can take mine out right up to three weeks to harvest.
  6. No breaks or fractures. And the color is returning to normal after a weekend flush.

    No unoit, the plants don't come out of the bucket just lifted up and away so a sample can be taken and nutes and chems added. The bucket is slam full of roots, so maybe a haircut is in order. A little more attention needs to be paid when adding chems in the future.

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