How about a new forum

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  1. Call it The Happy Place. It would be a forum for posting only good news.
    There should be no arguing or negativity allowed. And no Politics, obviously.
    If a thread gets to bummer territory, it gets closed.

    I just get tired of only finding nastiness and animosity all around. It brings
    down my liftedness.
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    Sure, but the trolls will take over anyway. Besides, no argueing is already in the rules. Also if they removed threads with a negative attitude then the assholes would just use it as a technique to get threads deleted that they don't agree with.
  3. arguing isn't against the rules, and how can you troll with good vibes? i like the idea
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    Yeah it is, go look.
  5. Um....arguing isn't against the rules. Being a dick to another blade is.
  6. Well okay, to clarify... debating is not against the rules as long as it is done respectfully.

    If a thread starts turning into an argument where people are getting all heated and flaming each other then it's probably going to be closed. But simply having a respectful debate is not against the rules. :p

    Regarding the idea for this new forum, I'm just not sure it's really necessary... We try to keep this site bad-vibe free anyway, so a forum like that would basically just be the same idea. ;)

    I think a better step would just be to report the threads that have only turned into negative arguing and allow the mods to take care of it. :confused_2:

    IMO, all of GC should be pretty positive vibes. Granted not every thread will be positive, but there's a difference between a thread that just isn't about a positive subject, and people turning regular threads into negative, flaming, argumentative crap. :p
  7. This is why I retreat to Nirvana. :cool:
  8. we already have the Positive Vibes thread on General which is basically what you're asking for.
  9. got ya bitch! :)

    to be honest i was surprised that i didn't see anyone else post it, so i figured i'd take the credit. i only beat you by 2 minutes though!

  10. i just looked at this fourm and if arguing is against the rules y did u reply...THATS AN ARGUMENT PPL
  11. also just smoke a joint and chill there is no point in arguing

  12. Ive always thought the HAPPY PLACE was in my pants...
    now youve let the secret out:p

  13. Sometimes there is a POINT when arguing but the way people do it can be disrespectful, i have been disrespectful in a couple of threads so yeah :rolleyes::smoke: anyways i agree man

    btw your sig is against the rules.

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